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Tsunami Overkill!

Ok who's with me on this? This Tsunami is all very shocking and a lot of people have died admittedly. However I'm getting a little sick of hearing about the bloody thing. You'd think it was the ONLY bad thing that is happening to people in the world. Two minute silence. We don't even give that sort of respect to our own war dead on 11/11.
I also don't remember people going on about the genoicide in East Timor or Rwanda and forking out loads of money in the way that we have been TOLD to do so for a NATURAL disaster. Is this event so much more important than millions dying in a genocide. thousands of people dying of cancer, heart attacks, homeless, famine etc etc? Nope.
The icing on the cake came when along with my pay slip this month a piece of paper for donating from my wages to the appeal..........and what about all the other people who are needy in this world? I have never ever had a donation slip for those people in the three years I have worked for this company......it's a bloody joke!

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  • Nice to see Matt's compassion is in good working order.

    I put in $300, about $220US.
  • How much did you put in to cancer research, children charities, animal charities, famine relief charities, etc etc...........

    Now you see my point? I sincerely doubt that everytime you see a earthquake on tv affecting people, or a genocide or a famine affecting people you put in $220 every time..........
  • Matt don't know about your part of the world, but heard the first Tsunami joke about 10 days ago.
  • Maybe it's a bit different in that it's in our part of the world? Some of these countries are our neighbors. I guess you might be more inclined to be generous if it was a tidal wave wiping out Scotland, Matt?

    I would be far less financially compassionate if it was say.... Holland finally sinking. ;)

  • I'm more sick of the media. Fucking ambulance chasers :spank:
  • I guess you might be more inclined to be generous if it was a tidal wave wiping out Scotland, Matt?
    Bad example there P1!!! England have been waiting for that one to happen since Scotland repelled our invasions centuries ago!!! :hehe:
  • Matt - you wouldn't want me wiped out..... would you?
  • I agree with StoddieBasher that a lot of other issues don’t get the attention/money they deserve. I hate the way big multinationals and government are stumbling over each other to show us how GREAT and COMPASSIONATE they are and that they look away in so many other cases.. (and I’m afraid not 10% of the promised money will actually be given…)
    But what is really important? The tsunami-victims need our help, and a lot of it. That other people aren’t helped the way we think they should be, doesn’t mean we should treat the tsunami-victims the same way!
  • Ahhh....... wisdom you have grasshopper.
  • I agree with Matt, I know its bad and all, but there are only so many sob stories you can hear, I know I may be lynched for saying this but its my opinion. It happened the same way with 9/11.

    Iv heard loads of tsunami jokes, wont say them here though.
  • What I find interesting, is how quickly Debt relief measures were discussed for Tsunami ravaged regions, but Debt relief for Africa has been quietly ignored for decades now.

    The difference being of course that the Tsunami was pretty much (for want of a better term) an "Act of God". while Africa has pretty much got itself into it's mess.

    Wouldn't want to be labeled a Afropessimist though.

    I would however encourage you all to visit the South African Dolphin Coast

    California without the earthquakes
    Florida without the Hurricanes
    Indonesia without the Tsunami

  • I've heard loads of jokes as well.
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