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Finally I bought a ticket to go to the Black Forest in Germany for a holiday-week for the new year! Anyone have some ideas about the place? Anyone can give me some advices?


  • I know there are lots of trees up there!;)
  • Well, there is Black Forest ham, Black Forest cake and lots of Krauts and beer.
  • hmmmm... I appreciate your help
    Black Forest ham
    thanks but I am a proud vegeterian

  • ^ :rolleyes: ;)

    BTW, RJ: We need a more astectically pleasing rolleyes
    This is GPL: image
  • thanks but I am a proud vegeterian
    Whats pride got to do with being vegetarian? So you're white and pasty looking, probably anaemic, , lacking in essential amino acids, you find it hard to get essential vitamins into your body, the teeth such as the incisors have no purpose in you, and you like all veggies you have the tendency to let off some real evil farts...........

    Yep I can see why people are vegetarians...........now where are those burgers......?
  • oh yeah, you really described me correctly...;)

    when are we going to make a round of boxing?

  • Never know I might like that...........MIGHT
  • thanks but I am a proud vegeterian
    The pieces are starting to add up.
  • make sure you do not take any mistake in the addition!

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