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Heidfeld gets Williams drive!!!

No brainer. This guy has all the attributes Williams require. I fear he will oprove an unpleasant surprise for Webber. In addition to being seriously quick with a good technical brain. Heidfeld is extremely strong in the head!
Remember the 1998 F3000 season. Montoya and Heidfeld were going for the championship. Heidfeld had a clear advantage in qualifying, only to have his times negated by a fuel irregularity!


  • As I noted at AtlasF1 already, I sat here going absolutely berserk after reading the news. About damn time that this guy got a break.
  • F1racing.net:
    Heidfeld gets Williams drive

    Nick Heidfeld has been confirmed as Mark Webber's team mate for the 2005 season at Williams. The German went from being an outsider for the drive at the start of December to beat Antonio Pizzonia to the drive. The appointment was announced this morning as Williams unveiled its new FW27 car at Valencia, Spain.

    BMW is understood to have grown into a fan of Heidfeld following his performance in winter testing but it is also known that Brazilian oil company Petrobas was keen to see Pizzonia take the drive. It remains to be seen if Pizzonia will hang around at Williams as test driver or seek a race drive with Jordan. The other alternative is a move to the US.
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):)

    Finally, I can see Matt squirm for all those anti-Webber comments when Webbo kicks quick-Nick's arse! :D

    Yeah, I know he's sorta apologised - well as much as Matt does apologise about anything - but those of us that have been here more than 10 minutes remember...... ;)
  • Good for Nick. I'm curious how good he will prove to be. There are such strong views about his capabilities. Positive and negative. How quick Nick really is is next season to be reavealed.

    Pizzonia will stay at Williams. Although he is disappointed he will test for them because he wants the team to win......
  • Well done Frank, the right choice. Webbo v Nick is intriguingly tight but I'm going to plump for Webbo.
  • Oh well... Guess the faster one got the job.

    It would have been cool though, to see Pizzonia and Webber fight eachother again... well, verbally I mean.
  • Did anyone seriously think Niko wouldn't get the drive?
  • finally, webber has a competent team mate.

    hes gonna get his arse kicked by heidfeld
  • Finally the chance to see if Ron Dennis was right in 2002 in choosing Raikkonen.
    Finally the right chance for Hiedfeld to test how good he is.
    Finally we will have a full understanding of Webber's qualities.
    And what a field of internal battles: Raikko-JPM at McLaren, Heidfeld-Webber at Williams, Alonso-Fisico at Renault and RS-Trulli at Toyota.

    I guess if will be a very polemic season. Let's hope at least one of them beats MS and TOIT!:D
  • And what a field of internal battles: Raikko-JPM at McLaren, Heidfeld-Webber at Williams, Alonso-Fisico at Renault and RS-Trulli at Toyota.
    Let's hope there will be great battles at Minardi too, with a bunch of points as a result!!! Albers must get a competitive teammate/-opponent.
  • Did anyone seriously think Niko wouldn't get the drive?
    Qouting Forrest Gump, Frank Williams's like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get.
  • Don't forget about Button/Sato.
    If the Honda's don't blow, Sato may give Butts a hard time !!!
  • If the Honda's don't blow, Sato may give Butts a hard time !!!
  • Forza Taku :D
  • of course he gets the seat: he's German, so BMW will want hime more that "Jungle boy".
  • Good to see. Heartfelt is quick, no doubt, and we hope to see a close tussle between him and Webber.

    The only reserve is that I suspect Heartfelt's bottle. Thinking back to Melbourne '02 and Austria '03, I really didn't like the way he reacted to the situations he was in. Probably past, is past..............but then.
  • of course he gets the seat: he's German, so BMW will want hime more that "Jungle boy".
    This MUST be the reason!

    Anyone up for posting the NH vs. SC battle, where Nick got some anger out on his employer's car?
  • Why would BMW want a German driver - their market is thriving in Germany.
  • I'm happy about the pairing. Nick has loads of experience and both guys are fast. It should be a complimentary pairing for both drivers.

    Some quotes from Webber:

    "I certainly haven't proved a great deal in F1," said Webber.

    "I haven't achieved as much in F1 as Nick has."

    "Testing is one thing, racing's another...I still have a lot more to do yet."
  • Lease- what happened with Heidfeld in those races??
  • In Melbourne when Ralf tried the vertical pass on Rubhino, it was Nicky boy that panicked and hit the chocks on the grass on the inside just befor ethe corner. It was this effort that took out half the field.

    In Austria, he did the same thing to avoid potential trouble just before the hairpin. On that occasion, he did a lateral acceleration test on Takrashu's Jordan.
  • I maintain that Heidfelds change in fortune has almost as much to do with his much improved hairdo. as his quick times- he was always quick He just didn't look like good sponser material with long hair.
  • Just read this...........all I can say. whooooooo hoooooooo!!!!

    About bloody time. For me I put Heidfeld in the upper echelon just scrambling below Schumacher. Because the guy does'nt make a big song and dance about things and go's about things quietly he's been overlooked. It's good to see driver's deserving of a top drive get one, after putting up with the likes Of Barrichello and Coulthard! Now if Nick gets beaten it's his own fault but at least he has the chance to prove what he can do. Mark Webber better watch out cos this guy is very quick.
    Mentally lacking Irwin? Hmmm think back to 1999 and the roasting he got from Alesi, and the Peugeot blowing up every five minutes. Think when Mc Claren took on Raikkonen and left their 'Mercedes contracted driver' Heidfeld out in the cold even though he was the better driver that year........Think of him driving a trailing Jordan last year....this man has come out of all that and he's still there. I think you'll see a very determined Nick Heidfeld this season with a point to prove.......his mental toughness is notin question, the only possible thing you could say that with his eagerness to prove himself he might overdrive, but he should'nt, he's been in F1 to know better. :)
  • Think I did say that he is a seriously quick driver Matty-boy. I have a CONCERN that he pannicks under pressure. Ther's a difference.
  • Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure Nick was cleared of any blame in Taku's side impact test and the blame was placed squarely on Sauber..

  • Jello............like a brother. But no-one more than twenty years younger than me is gonna answer back like that. Mind yer elders.
  • Lease sometimes I can't help but think of you as a child! :P
  • Um.....nice avatar
  • Likewise. Makes me want to kiss the screen.
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