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GCM at Monza

A nice TV shot of GCM with Alonso in the TOIT garage during practice today.


  • wished to have seen it!
  • GCM talked to the press in italy, and he said that FIA should oblige all teams to use young drivers for the Friday first test session in each race, in order to help their entry into F1. He said "''Grazie alle formule propedeutiche i ragazzi oggi arrivano pronti per il grande salto e proprio la loro giovane eta' permette loro di adattarsi facilmente alle metodologie della F1. Bisogna pero' dare la possibilita''', which means "Thanks to the propedeutical formulas, guys today get ready for the big hop (into F1, ndr), and just thanks to their young age they can suit easily the F1 methodologies. But they must be given the chance".

    Actually, in my opinion at the moment there is really not the problem of entry of young boys in F1, and, apart of course from M$, Rubens, Trulli and Webbo, the average age is veeeeery low. Still, as usual, what he says is very wise and makes much sense.
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