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Get well soon Robert!!!!

I'm still completely shocked for what happened to Robert Kubica.
I was driving on the motorway on Sunday evening when I heard the news on radio, and I felt the same sensations of that early October night 20 years ago when I heard about Nannini's helicopter crash.

I don't even want to know how he must be feeling now, and I wish with all my heart him to recover 100% of his right hand functionality, and of course, then, to go back to racing.
The accident was stupid and frightful at the same time, with the guard rail slipping long way into the car. He could have been killed as well, in the bad luck he was even lucky!!!

But the question I wonder is: what was one who was supposed to win the F1 World Championship doing in a minor rally in Liguria????????
How's that his contract and Lotus Renault allowed that?????????

Despite Flav's words that he thinks Robert will be back in 5 months, I am honestly skeptical on his possibility of a F1 comeback.

Get well soon, Robert, you are great and we will miss you a lot in F1 in 2011 and (I'm afraid) for all the decade, for those that were supposed to be (and I still hope will be) YOUR F1 years!!!:(


  • Yes, it doesn't feel good, does it? Guys like Robert, Webbo, Kimi, JPM just need the rush 12 months of the year. It makes them what they are.

    Contracts in football are much tighter, no skiing, motorbikes, etc. I suppose that's why group sex is so popular.
  • If there's a will there's a way and Robert is pretty strong willed when it comes to racing. Hopefully Renault give him every opportunity to make a comeback before he's forced to settle somewhere else.
  • Talk about comebacks; hello Jello!
  • ?? He must be gettin on 16 by now.

    As for Kubica, he's proved that he can get himself adjusted headwise from a biggie. The question one thinks is how well that hand and arm can do the surgeonesque job that it used to.

    From what I read, his was a real jigsaw job involving bones, tendons and the tubie things that the alchohol..........er blood runs through.

    Where is the sawbones when you need him to comment (almost never)? Off somewhere in his homeland sayin "Cha mon, we operate in a minute, yeah?"
  • Niki Lauda as well dismissed as "nonsense" the allegations by Kubica that rallying helped him imporve concentration and certain areas of driving, considering how limited tests are currently in F1.
    "F1 and rallies are two totally different sports", the Austrian said, "and there is nothing driving in rallies can help for driving in F1. The risk Kubica took was totally unreasonable".

    Lauda is a bit absolute in his judgment, but in the ground of his opinion he is, IMO, absolutely right!!!

    BTW, Heidfeld will replace Kubica at Renault for 2011. He said "I would have loved to come back to F1 in different circumstances, but I'm proud Renault to give me this opportunity". Who knows if this will be the right year that finally Nick gets a win!!!

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  • Not really sure why this debate about whether he should have been rallying has got such long legs.

    Surely a racing driver is not yet an asset to be used, stuffed in a padded box and put in the safe until the next Grand Prix?

    If that's the way people think, then why do they all complain about the sport becomming a business?

    HEADLINE: David Beckham found engaged in unapproved backyard soccer game. Sponsors demand to know how this could happen!
  • Update on Robert: he had a last operation on his right arm last week, and everything seems to have gone perfectly, as his spokesmas said. Now rehab is going to start, and apparently they are sure he will go back to racing.

    With what performances, of course, only time can tell.....
    Fingers crossed, I would love to see him at TOIT replacing Felipe....
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