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1.0 Predict the following exactly and gain points each round:
a. Pole getter - 2 points (pole getter is defined as the one who is on pole
when the race is started)
b. Winner of GP - 4 points
c. Second in GP - 3 points
d. Third in GP - 2 points
e. Fourth in GP - 1 point
f. 1st car out after the race has started under the green lights whether
through DNF or DNS (through stalling for eg.) or through DQ (by black flag
for eg.) - 1 point (point given even if DQ is appealed)
g. Name the ex-Minardi driver who finishes in the highest
position in the race amongst all ex-minardi drivers - 2 points

All predictions above must be EXACTLY correct. Should any driver pull out
before the race weekend, his replacement is not automatically substituted in
the bets...the bettors MUST exercise the edit right as provided in clause 6
two days before race day (e.g. if race day is on Sunday, final edit right is
day-stamp of post Friday).

2.0 Prize for the winner with most points at end of season:
a. the glory of being the season's Forzaminardi.com champion...plus whatever additional prize R-J
or the others may want to throw in. :-)

3.0 The organisers are manlio27 and FactyCrab.

4.0 The qualifying and race results FIRST published by formula1.com will be
used to judge the bets placed unless the referees by a majority decision decide to use the amended results following any steward decisions made post race. No appeal to organisers' decision which is

5.0 If the organisers cannot make a decision, they will consult R-J and/or
Neil_s and/or Minardi4eva who shall act as referees.

6.0. All bets must be submitted in the above 1.0 a to g order and must be
submitted before the first quali session starts. Any bets submitted after the
first quali starts will be invalid. All bets MUST be in by before the first
quali but no editing of any bets placed can be done after the end of friday
practices (or in the case of Monaco after Thursday's practices). This is
because when a post is edited, there is no time stated when such edits have
been done, it just says which date the edit was done.

7.0 DQ means disqualification during the race. so any disqualification
resulting from and/or with not starting the race does not fall under this description of

8.0 Any additional rules can be added to aid clarity but not to change the
bets format and the points as and when deemed neccessary.

9.0 The referees of this 2011 ForzaMinardi Challenge are FactyCrab, manlio27,
Forzaminardi, Neil_s and Minardi4eva (if Neil, R-J, Facty and 4eva agree). A majority decision
from these 5 is required to settle any dispute. If the dispute concerns the
referee's bet, then the other 4 referees must adjudicate and arrive at a majority

Results after Rd 6 (MON):
Pos/Pos Before/Name/After Rd.5/Rd. 6/After Rd. 6
1. 2. PistonBroke 37 8 45
2. 1. Telstar 38 6 44
3. 3. JumpeySpyder 32 9 41
4. 5. SuperRoo 23 6 29
5. 5. Factycrab 23 5 28
6. 4. Neil_s 24 2 26
7. 7. Manlio27 20 4 24
8. 7. Lease 20 2 22
Congrats to Jumpey, winner in Monaco (always a prestigious win :-)), who even gifted us two points by indicating Alonso as 2nd, Webbo as 3rd, but then Webbo as best ex-Minardi..........

And now predictions for Canada:

Pole Vettel
1st Webber
2nd Alonso
3rd Hamilton
4th Rosberg
best ex Webber
1st out - di Resta

Pole: um....Hamilton?
1st.......er Hamilton?
2nd....well,..ah Alonso?
4th......Could be...s'pose.....ergh...um....Petrov?
Best Ex... give....ah...Al...that is....oog...Alonso?
First Out...does it matter?.........Karthikeyan!

Pole Clewlis
1st Clewlis
2nd Alonso
3rd Button
4th Alonso
best ex Alonsa
1st out - Algazera

Pole Vettel
1st Vettel
2nd Hamilton
3rd Webber
4th Alonso
best ex Webber
1st out - Glock

Pole: Vettel
1st: Vettel
2nd: Clewlis
3rd: Alonso
4th: Webbo
First out: D'Ambrosio
Best ex-Minardi: Alonso


  • Telstar
    Pole Vettel
    1st Vettel
    2nd Hamilton
    3rd Alonso
    4th Rosberg
    best ex Alonso
    1st out - Liuzzi
  • Sorry - take Telstar off the top off mine - I don't think he'll place anywhere
    (the perils of copy paste)
  • Pole S. Vettel
    1st F. Alonso
    2nd L. Hamilton
    3rd S. Vettel
    4th J. Button
    best ex F. Alonso
    1st out - S. Buemi
  • Yesterday Jense fully legitimated his 2009 title.
    It was a WDC win, extraordinary, extraordinary piece of mastery. And, for once, Safety Car helped him instead of Seb (without the last SC it would have been difficult for him to recover 11 secs in 8 laps and then pass Seb.

    It will probably not change much in the championship (without two pretty unfortunate tyre failures in the last few laps, Seb would have won all the races, but at least leaves us the memory of a fantastic race.
    Jense is not at all to blame for the collision with Clewlis, who, once again, made an irrational move, when he saw Jense was moving left to follow the line.

    Great race by M$ as well, I know I shouldn't say it, but I would not have disliked seeing him on the podium at the end, as he would have deserved it.

    Quite a tonic Webbo, but irremediably behind Seb, as usual......

    For Ferdy, I'm afraid it's just not his year.....
  • Ferrari do not appear to have very good race strategies at all. Either they react to others, or when they do try some original thinking, it doesn't work out for them.

    I don't necessarily agree with the hype around the place regarding Button. When you strip it all away, he was involved in two accidents that resulted in other drivers failing to finish, and had a drive through for speeding. If it hadn't been for the safety cars (two of which he was involved in, he simply wouldn't have been in the race. He did drive well, and made for a great finish, but was it a WDC drive? I don't reckon.

    Vettel was impressive. He remained cool throughout the race, and whilst he ruined it all with a bit of over-driving at the end, it was a solid performance. For a young bloke, he really has a handle on the way to manage a race from the front.

    They call him Hammy, but maybe that should be 'Ferret'. He just cannot help but stick his nose into a gap that is only half there. I remember living in an Asian country as a younger man where the owners of then ubiquitous Honda 'Step-Throughs' seemed to have the view that "I'll take care of the front and God can take care of the back". Lewis is racking up quite a resume of these types of incidents and questions are being asked (as they should be)about his attitude to other drivers. The incident with Webber was absolutely Lewis in the wrong. He was faster, but he was also too slow on the brakes and slid into the other driver. There should have been a penalty. The thing with Button was a very bad choice. Whilst I personally think that Button should have looked before moving over to the line for the corner, Hamilton should have realised that he had taken the wrong option to try the right and got off the throttle immediately.

    For the same reasons that Button's race was mostly a matter of good fortune in terms of final position, so was Schumaker's. Sure, he drove very well and was fun to watch, but he was in a slow car. Pit calls and safety cars were what got him up the field.

    Webber also got flattered by circumstance. Whilst at least he made some genuine passes, he was helped enormously by people pitting in front of him. His attempts to get past Schumaker were clumsly and very much shown up by Button when he went past.

    Massa could think himself very unlucky. He drove a good solid race and didn't deserve such a savage outcome from his attempt to pass that put him in the wall. His team mate made his own problems. Whilst I reckon both he and Button were more or less equally at fault, it was stupid to try to make that corner knowing that sooner or later you have to go left. Overall, Ferrari are ruining their chances with a car that is definitely on the pace in the racing.

    Of the rest, Di Resta was equally impressive and embarrassing. Heidfeld was just embarrassing, and Sutil was awful.

    A special mention must be made of Kobayashi. I've long thought that he is reminiscent of Abe from the two-wheel club. Looks great and very dashing, but in fact he is just plain dangerous. He had no idea in the wet and at times his speed out of the corners was hopeless, whilst his speed into them was nuts. I am very much afraid that this guy is going to cause a massive crash one day.

    Still, a fun race to watch, though due to time difference, I saw it on replay where the big rainy bit in the middle was cut out, so I didn't get any sense of the tension that must have occurred around the wait for the race to re-start.
  • wow an impressive update Lease!
  • Predictions for next race
    Pole Vettel
    1st Alonso
    2nd Hamilton
    3rd Vettel
    4th Button
    1st out Kartikeyan
    best ex Alonso
  • Pole Vettel
    1st Vettel
    2nd Hamilton
    3rd Webber
    4th Alonso
    1st out Maldonado
    best ex Webber
  • Valencia

    Pole Vettel
    1st Vettel
    2nd Alonso
    3rd Hamilton
    4th Webber
    1st out Petrov
    best ex Alonso
  • My bet for Valencia:

    Pole: Vettel
    1st: Vettel
    2nd: Webbo
    3rd: Button
    4th: Alonso
    First out: Rosberg
    Best ex-Minardi: Webbo
  • Valencia 26 June

    Pole Vettel
    1st Vettel
    2nd Alonso
    3rd Webber
    4th Button

    1st out d'Ambrosio
    best ex Alonso
  • Valencia

    Pole S. Vettel
    1st S. Vettel
    2nd F. Alonso
    3rd J. Button
    4th M. Webber
    1st out V. Perez
    best ex F. Alonso
  • Everyone picked Pole! - Fancy That?

    I think i'm happy with that round.
    Assume as no one didn't finish (or all did finish) it will revert to last place?
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