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Who Will Drive for Mclaren??

It seems quite clear now that the favoured Red Bull driver strategy will be for Webber to ride shotgun in 2012 and then for Hamilton to take over in 2013.

So who gets to play with Jenson?


  • Di Resta??????
  • If Hamilton drives for RB I would favour

    (1) Nick Heidfeld
    (2) Paul di Resta
    (3) Nico Hülkenberg
    (4) Pedro Delarosa
    (5) Buemi
    (6) Bruno Senna

    Their alle good and stabil drivers no gp-winners though. Heidfeld (had a bit bad luck recently) and di Resta are doing a good job. Hülkenberg was the best rookie of the 2010 season but I think Mclaren need somebody with experience. Delarosa is a bit slower but has already driven alot for them. Buemi did well at STR for some years, I think he would deserve it, too. But I doubt that Mclaren will give him this chance. Senna is not a poor driver but it would be rather a PR-thing if he signs for them.

    Maybe they should just do kinda shootout ? They could develop a good car and see who is the best driver of those who are avaiable.
  • Allo, allo, allo, what's this about Clewlis not wanting to do sponsor work then eh???

    The thing with RB seems to not want to completely go away, and now the dear boy says that when he signs, it will be on his terms in terms of the amount of 'work'.

    Call me cynical (go on, do) but this seems to be setting up the groundwork for some 'irreconcilable differences' resulting in a breakdown in contract negotiations.

    Of course one could quite easily argue that he doesn't need to engage in any guile as he just needs to raise his flag and see who salutes it, but I tend to think that there is a PR war potentially going on here. On the one hand, it would be sponsor suicide for Macca to cut him. And for Clewlis to walk away from the team that brought him up for a better car, the press would tear him to shreds. Much better to try and fail. Better for all if the parting comes because they just couldn't find enough common ground.
  • He's full of it.

    There's only 3 teams he would drive for. Macca, TOIT and RBR. He can huff and puff all he wants but TOIT and RBR don't want him.

    Just shut ya trap, stop hangin wid tha home boyz and stop crashing into others. TWAT!
  • Is it because he is English, motherhubbard?
  • Mystery solved. Jense (who was said to be joining TOIT for 2013) stays at Macca with an unspecified multi-year contract. With Clewlis, who (I'm sure) when adequately motivated and with the possibility to win the championship) will not make mistakes anymore.

    This is good for Jense (who, in an Italian environment, would be minced by Ferdy), and good for Clewlis (who, at the right time, will take back his No. 1 role in the team).

    RBR will stay with Seb and Mark for 2012 (and, I guess, for 2013 as well), while TOIT will stay with Ferdy and Felipe for 2012, waiting for Kubica. If Mark retires at the end of 2012, Clewlis may go to Red Bull, but at the end of the day I don't think Horner and Marko will want a potential inside battle, so Clewlis will stay at Macca and perhaps Nico may go to RBR (if, meanwhile, Merc does not manage to get to the top).
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