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a question of colour

Hello everyone. I am wondering which exact colors Minardi used on their cars?

I'm talking about the RGB-Code of these colours. I don't think they used black but the midnight blue. Everything I found so far was not close enough to the original. The yellow used on Minardi.it looks okay but the blue is lighter.

Can you tell me the colors?


  • Midnight blue is correct.
  • you should have made him buy the book to dfind out.

    Speaking of which, is it still available?

    I never got round to buying a copy, but would like to redress that
  • I own the book ;)

    On pictures etc. it simply often does not look like midnight blue. I just wanted to ask you guys to be 100% shure because I'm going to make some Minardi-like livery for rfactor soon.
  • Hey Lease, there's copies available on ebay.
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