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Montreal and Valencia

Typically fun in Canada, typically dull in Spain. Circuits, eh? All things being equal, though, RBR should sprint away again at Silverstone. Macca seem all at sea and Alonso admits he's just gunning for second.


  • Actually, Canada has been reviewed by the regularmembers elsewhere.

    As for Valencia, I reckon it was interesting enough. Some very good drives in there from the midfield, and a cracker from Alonso. Poor Mark reminded me of my sailing days. You spend all your time concentrating like hell on technique to stay within touch of the guy in front and all the time you're thinking; He'll make a mistake soon, and then I'll have him. You do a quick scan of the course and then you look back and he's gained 10 boatlengths and it may as well be a mile. I think that Mark has to come to the realisation that on his best day he can just about keep up, but needs one of his really really special days to win. It would also be a good thing for him not to strategise. Good grief!; my niece's unborn child knew that there was no percentage in pitting before Alonso on the last stop. Idiot.

    Vettel has this thing on a string. I think that he was at max on Sunday, but the difference between him and the others is that he can keep it there relentlessly, whilst looking after the machine and the tyres.

    Still don't like the way Kobayashi drives.

    Comment of the weekend goes to Hamilton when asked whether he takes some comfort from finishing a race (without an accident)"I've finished a race. Whoopy do"

    Nothing spoiled or peevish about these F1 lads.
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