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It doesn't matter how many times they went around, or how many times the commentators mentioned the names of the corners, I was completely disoriented for the whole race. It just did not resemble Silverstone.

As for race, that seems to be one that was won at FIA HQ. I feel quite disquieted by the implications of this mid-season rule change.Let's hope it doesn't spark a TOIT revival at the front of the field, because that would be a fairly damming statement as to their ability to affect policy. We will see.

I'm not buying into the dust-up about Webber being held back. First of all, I don't think he was listening, and second of all, I think that he wasn't prepared to commit to getting past anyway. Mark qualified on pole; that was his chance to win. He was a tocuh slow to get away, and he was massively slower than Vettel in the openning laps. As far as RB and team rules; pffft, did anyone ever really believe that crap?

Fred did all that he needed to, and frankly I think that Vettel's crappy pitsop just meant that the pass was made in the pits, rather than on the track. Full marks to Massa for having a great finish, and no marks for him going to sleep in the middle.

Hamilton really is becomming a brat. Massa was clear ahead, and the boy fair dinkum slid into him in order to get back in there. Earlier in the race, Schumaker got pinged for exactly the same thing. The marshalls did not do themselves proud in not reversing their finishing order.

Kobayashi is still an idiot, and still looks to be dangerous. Maldonao and Perez both showing great maturity. Nice drives from the Toro Rosso dudes too. Ricciardo meanwhile was over a minute behind his team mate. Not exactly the world-beating performance expected.

And finally, let's all shed a tear for Jenson. Hero in Montreal and second in the championship, to 5th and a dudd end to an uninspiring drive.
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