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London calling

And apparently also the UK model of integration (that seemed to be the most successful one, and the only one in Europe where people from different cultures seemed to be fully integrated into the local society and organizatio) appears to have failed, and that behind apparent integration there were millions of people who felt totally emarginated......just like in Holland and just like in Paris...........


  • tbh not even sure what kind of integration that would be, some of the rioters have always been in england as have their parents, grandparents etc. this has little to do with immigration
  • A little local difficulty, manlio.

    What happened here was horrible and despicable but it was not political. The riots of 1981 were about discrimination and jobs. This was about greed, shamelessness and absent fathers. The final point is the most important one for the 'black community' but very few of its leaders address it.

    London has always been a melting pot, much more than America. Multiculturalism has not failed here; just a blip.
  • Went to London once. Spent an afternoon there. Had lunch, couple of beers. Probably wouldn't bother going back.

    What was it Thomas Keneally wrote in Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith???

    Pass a law to give every single whingeing bloody Pommie his fare home to England. Back to the smoke and the sun shining ten days a year and shit in the streets. Yer can have it.
    Why anyone bothers fighting over it is beyond me.
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