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Minardi in the WsbR

Minardi is kinda back in real racing. Not as a team but Giovanni Minardi is the head of the BVM Target team in the World Series by Renault:

The Minardi-Name fall quite often when I was watching the race in Hungary and the Eurosport comentator often even called the cars of this team "a Minardi". This is for real, and as you can imagine, I was really glad to see and hear this.

The Drivers are "our" Daniel Zampieri (is on the minardi.it-Website and did the last Minardi-test in 2005 among others like Davide Rigon). The other guy is called Sergio Canamasas. So far they scored 60 points. Highlights were a poleposition for Canamasas and a third place at the Hungaroring.

Here some pictures:


what do you think about that? I would like another name but it is at least a kinda-Minardi-team.


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  • now it's getting interesting again ;-)
  • Fantastic! Where are they based?
  • as you can see on the livery it is an italian team as Minardi was (or is) or Rapax. According to their website they are based at

    Target Racing - Via Volta 22/24 - 48022 Lugo (RA) - Italy

    This is located in the southwest from Ferrara, west from Bologna and east from Ravenna.

    By the way: one of the Teams that were supported by Minardi was BVM Racing (Minardi by BVM) if I remember right?!

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