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.....we start well!!! The customs authorities of the country, as, apparently, it is impossible to declare the circuit as a duty free area (as F1 is not yet recognized as a sport in the sub-continent.....) are requiring the teams and the organization to pay 100% customs duties for ALL the equipment to be imported into India for the race, claiming they are later going to return such money.....how much do you bet this is gonna take months and months?

Have you seen, Bernie, the result of taking F1 into third world countries? :-) :-)


  • It's just not cricket...
  • I took a girl to see India once. At the Oval, it was.
    (copyright the Major, Fawlty Towers, 1977)
  • Now a firm of layers, according to the Public Interest Litigation foreseen by the Indian Consstitution, is taiking the organizers of the GP to court because, allegedly, they have not paid to the taxman part of their dues for last year race, and these lawyers are asking for the cancellation of the race (2 days before engines start.....). If race is cancelled, moreover, Seb will be champ without even having to take his car to the finish line......

    Plus, tickets sold were 95.000 2 years ago, 60.000 last year and 30.000 this year.
    Luckily it's the last chapter of this farce, hopefully.

    Welcome back to the circus, Austria, and goodbye India.
  • VJ will sort it out for them. He's good at that sort of thing.
  • Indeed he managed to readjourn the case so the race will be held (which was of course obvious).
    Let's enjoy this interesting circuit for the last time, then say goodbye to this farce....F1 in India......
  • Ironic that its the good Tilkedromes (Turkey, India) which get canned.

    Well done Seb: Newey admits the tyre change post Silverstone was key to the domination. Also good to see Webbo doing exactly what he wanted after stepping from the car!
  • What did he do after stepping from the car Viges?
    I noted the Seb at the post race interview still didn't understand why people boo'd him.
    That he doesn't get that part of his character is amazing.
  • The poor RBR press officer seemed to be imploring him to do various things as he entered the paddock but he just did a very quick mini press conference and headed for the airport. Don't blame him at all. Why hang around for someone else's coronation?
  • Saw that as well. She seemed to be trying to talk him into something, Mark just looked at her and said, "Nah, I'm leaving the circuit now."
  • Yes. You got the impression that on the trip back to the pits, he decided not to whinge about the car, lost opportunity, or anything; just put on a big smile (very obviously forced, with the wide and slightly maniacal eyes), shrug your shoulders and get the fuck out of there.

    I think that in both the last two races, he has given it everything to try to take a win from Vettel while it still means something. He probably knows that any win from here to the end is meaningless, because Vettel's motivation to win could be questioned.

    Feel sorry for him, but he had his chances, and didn't take them. Something tells me that there is a day in the future where an interviewer is going to get a smack around the head trying to do a retrospective with him, and saying; "so, Korea 2010, let's go through that".

    Congratulations to Vettel. Don't care what anybody says, he has the talent, the drive, he's smart at understanding how to win, and he is ruthless. You really can't take anything away from him, but that doesn't mean that you still can't think that he is also a nasty, smartmouthed little turd that histroy will acknowledge, but quickly move on from.

    I wouldn't be as critical as Viges about the Tilkedromes. If you consider the charter, he designs tracks that seek to allow racing with the current car technology. Yes, we would rather the classical circuits anyday, but they do also mean that an outstanding car will never be challenged as long as the steerer is competent. I think more that Bernie's love for world domination is the problem. The fan base and the long-term support is just not there to hold these events in individual countries. Asia (excluding Japan) particularly should have one, or at most two races per year. As it is they have 4, and only one of them is really successful. If there was a Singapore GP, and a rotating 'World East' GP, then maybe they could make it work.

    The race wasn't bad though. Personally, I was shocked at how quickly Vettel moved through the pack after his first pitstop. Webber should have been able to benefit and pick up a free pitstop, but Vettel was out of the pack before he knew it. That was mighty impressive.

    Massa to me showed why he shouldn't be in F1 anymore. Yeah, he was very racy early on, but then couldn't put in the big ones during the middle stint when he needed to ibn oder to get a result.

    Big effort from Grosjean, though that crazy weaving trying to get past someone (Sutil?) shows that when the blood is up, the brain still takes a holiday. Big accident in his future.

    Tell me now, can it be true that Marko is a script writer? Ever since the decision to take Ricciardo, JEV has had a miserable time. Daniel has always been faster in qually, but up to about 5 races ago, JEV was very good in the races. Now he isn't even on the radar.

    All the world hopes that this business about Ricciardo being faster in the Sim than Vettel translates to beting him on the track if the RB10 follows the RB9 in dominance. Certainly you can say that Daniel is very fast, makes very few mistakes, puts in consistent laps, and doesn't get into trouble. There is also something about the intensity behind the big smile that promises someone very serious about what he does.
  • Lease, it's arguable to say that Seb will have no motivation to win the next three races: if he wins the next two he will beat Alberto Ascari's and Jim Clark's streak of 7 wins in a row, and if he wins all three of them he will equal M$'s 2004 record of 13 wins in a single season, and beat his own 2011 record of points in one season.......so I see it hard anyway for Mark to manage to clinch his 10th win before his retirement.

    Yes, as you say he had his chance and just did not take it, like Clay Regazzoni, Carlos Reutemann, John Watson, René Arnoux, Patrick Tambay, Michele Alboreto, Eddie Irvine, Juan Pablo Montoya, Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichello in the past.
  • Another car faliure for Webber, poor guy just wants a decent result before he retires.

    Vettel got back through the field very quickly but every radio message I heard was 'let him pass / don't destroy your tyres fighting with him'

    I thought this was supposed to be racing !! :(
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