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It doesn't matter if he fails to win another race because everyone at RBR (including the young German, especially the young German) knows how crucial he is to setting up the car on the Friday. Seb cannot do it in a month of ... Fridays.


  • Methinks Horner had such in mind for the last couple of re-signs.

    Could be an absolutely terrible year for him though. Last year he maybe trod water, while krautkid went faster and faster.
  • Webbo officially confirmed for 2013, indeed.
    And, contrary to Lease's predictions, having a great season!
  • Reading between the lines, the Ferrari offer wasn't really an offer. Just a quick Ciao from deep throat.

    2013 could be his last year, and he is putting himself in a strong position to have a tilt at the title this year.

    We all know Seb is rubbish on Fridays. That's why they signed him early.
  • Manlio - Yes, I was wrong. I think that makes twice I've been wrong in my life. Oh Christ, she can't read this, can she?

    Roo - Stick yer flash flag fair up yer coit! (no, folks, this won't translate on Babelfish)

    Sensible outcome I suppose. He wants full support to try for the WDC now that he is in with a shot. Can you imagine Matesitch on the phone to Horner? Now!, get him now! offer another $2m and don't wait for the Silverstone glow to wear off (or heavily accented Austrian equivalent)
  • What! This little ol thing......
  • Moving on.........................

    With the Red Bull door now slammed somewhat firmly in his face, Hamilton appears to have run out of bargaining chips in his negotiations with Macca.

    So are there any real options?? There is a little rumour about Lotus, which would be really interesting, but not sure about the existing contracts there. We presume that no one claiming to be sentient would let go of Grosjean right now, but the Kimster is a different fish. He doesn't appear to be bestie's with Boullier, so if he only has a one-year, then that could be an interesting option. Problem of course is even if Lewis & Lotus fall in love, that won't solve the money issue. Very unlikley that Lotus are in a position to offer gigga-dollars to secure him.

    TOIT - Not in your wildest dreams mate. No matter how buddy-buddy Lewis and Fred are now, they will neither be keen to pair up in the same team.

    Sauber - replacing Kobayashi could be another opportunity, but money would again be the problem.

    Sir Frank has gone on the record recently saying that he would take Lewis in a heartbeat, but again, no money.

    The other problem with Lotus, Sauber, Williams is that they all seem to have done a good job of getting the new design right after a major change to the rules in terms of the exhaust blowing. I really don't think that the big three will be in the same situation next year and would expect them to be again dominant with the next gen car, and leave the upstarts in the box in 2013.

    So my call would be for Lewis to sign a grudging one-year extension with Macca for 2013, and immediately start on serious negotiations with Red Bull for 2014 and beyond.
  • http://www.tmealf.com/digital/Australia-Queen's flag.jpg

    God Save your Queen.

    [Edited on 11-7-12 by viges]
  • Right! As can now be quite clearly seen, I have reverted to the original, and yes, that is THE ORIGINAL. Which, incidentally, predates that so-called 'Queens Personal Autralian Flag', or 'Australia Royal Standard' by quite some years.

    You see, there is no second place.

    Any chance of a comment on matters one formula????
  • Sorry, too busy reading Woman's Day.

    Look, Clewlis will sign back with Macca. I think Perez will
    go to Ferrari and Massa to Sauber.

    Seb to win next GP and tighten the point gap at the top.

    But what I am interested in is whether Lotus will actually win one.

    Now back to Kate...
  • I tried.
  • So it is to be a flag debate.

    The National Colonial Flag dragged out by yon Limey hack was not really an official flag. In the first instance, the term 'national' cannot be applied to any standard that did not represent the individual colonies. There was NO flag prior to federation as the only flag that the colonies could use as representative was the union flag.

    The Eureka Flag is the first true example as representative of a democratic awareness within Australia that was separate to Britain. As such, it is the symbol used by many groups as representiative of their particular cause. Amongst these of course are those who would like to see the formation of a republic before they die (as if).

    That said, it could never be accepted as the flag of Australia because such a thing can never truly exist. Unlike the USA and Canada the awareness of the existence of law and culture resident in the indigenous population prior to the arrival of the British, which is now recognised in law by the decision of the High Court in the Mabo ruling, mandate that any flag must incorporate, or be derived from that culture.

    As the indigenous peoples themselves had no concept of nationalism, there can be no physical standard that represents that awareness of a national identity. There is a lately accepted Aboriginal Standard:


    But this is not accepted by Torres Strait Islanders, who have their own lately accepted standard:


    Compare these to the generally accepted view of non-indigenous Australians, that the primary colour blue, with either white or silver reprentation of the Southern Cross, and you come to realise that in order to accommodate the symbolism of place for all stakeholders would involve an apalling mix of colours and symbols in an incomprehensible whole.

    The only thing that most could agree on; particularly as the populatuion ages; is the absence of anything representative of the British Royal Family, or its government and people.

    I simply cannot be gentle here. Simon, it is over. There hasn't been an Empire for more than 60 years. Britain should look to Europe and embrace the Eurozone as the only true national spirit of Engaland. God Bless the Euro, and all who sink with her.
  • Its not dead, its resting. (Cleese/Chapman, 1969).

    The British Royal family is, as you know, the Australian Royal family (and that of 14 other countries). We Brits, obviously, couldn't care less what you do but what interests me is the contradiction in what you and lots of Aussies say. You want a republic, insist most down there want one but seriously doubt enough people will front up to vote for one (a similar situation in Scotland. When I worked there the Scottish National Party had a slogan of 'Free by '93'. Most amusing. They, by the way, have given up on proposing a republic. Elizabeth would remain Queen of Scots.).

    To be fair to the House of Windsor, they have always said it is up to the people, be they Canadians, Australians or Tuvalans. I spoke to a representative of the Australian republican movement when I was there covering one of William's visits and, off the record, they admitted it was game over for a while.

    Head of State is not a pressing issue but just get on with it and stop, er, whinging.


    Euro: who looks silly now? Good luck with that one, Berlin.
  • You're going to be impossible during the Olympics, aren't you?
  • Especially when they raise the Australian flag
    After another gold medal performance
    with the Union Jack in the corner.

    Wasn't it Dick Smith that organised a new Australian flag competition. God, they were ugly.

    As Lease said there are just too many stakeholders involved with polar opposite views that will never converge.

    Time for a dictator!
  • Radio silence from me for the next month or so. Pip pip!

    PS enjoying Evans -v- Wiggins in the Tour as a prologue to the games. A taster of the various grudge matches to come.

    Oh, and did no-one mention the cricket? Extraordinary.
  • Pyjama Cricket has never appealed, no interest. Let's wait for the ashes.

    Cadel has the wrong team mates; Aussies, helping him.

    All Wiggins has to do is be no more than a minute behind
    by last time trial and the tour is his.
  • The Tour? Oh, that was last year.

    Don't you love the English? I like the way that they get excited about doing something AFTER an Aussie has done it.
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