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Oh Williams...

Encouraging 8th spot on the qualifying grid but little to show for it. Still, will this be the year that Williams rises from the ashes (to a degree)


  • If they are fast in Malaysia then a good season is on the cards.
  • They were. Like those Renault engines.
  • they're back! how cool is that? and with another Minardi prodigy I hasten to add
  • You wouldn't be rekindling a fledgling interest in Formula One there, would you RJ??

    A lot of folks like the idea of a resurgent Williams and I would too, if it just didn't look so damned wrong. Maybe this is like Brabham and Braun, where they just snuck in between rule changes, but if the history of the last 25 years is a guide, you just don't leap from nowhere to the front.

    At the end of the day though, it just well may have been the Michels factor. What a Jonah! (PS: Got sonme genealogists digging around to see if we can claim that he is not really Australian)
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