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Marko the new Bernie

Zer Herr Doktor has some great gag writer working for him. Some of his stuff seriously is better than Bernie's.

I submit as evidence m'lud the latest from Marko in relation to RBR proceeding for the future with the exhaust setup on Webber's car:

As for why the team’s Australian driver feels more comfortable in the updated car, Marko surmised: “Mark is less sensitive to the (car’s) behaviour.

“He just needs four wheels, but it’s different for Vettel,” he said.

So just how many wheels does Vettel need? And is it true that in point of fact, Webber has shown on numerous occasions that 2 and even at times less than that will suffice.

It really is amazing how quickly people are prepared to want to shoot Vettel down after 3 races where he did not disgrace himself at all. I guess that as long as he has 2 WDCs and Webber as a benchmark, that the bar is going to be set impossibly high.


  • It seems Seb needs the car to be spot on to be fast. Whereas Webber
    Is lIke Alonso and can drive a dog of a car and still get a result.

    When it comes to Webber, Marko is passive aggressive.
  • How does that make him the new Bernie? At what stage did he say: "Hey Martin, this is the Prime Minister of Moldova, you should really interview him"
  • Plus he still hasn't reached the age of 81 to marry a 35-year-old model, as Bernie did yesterday!!!
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