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It seems everyone gets to win a race in the crazy world of F1 2012.

Congrats to Webbo. It is impossible to imagine what it is like to look in your mirrors to see Rosberg, Fred, Seb and, oh, Lewis too. Immense pressure.

Three points on the Sky coverage (which is mostly marvellous).

a) main commentator David Croft is now getting on my nerves: constant punning and crow-barring in cliches. Most greviously, he talks more than Brundle. Ben Edwards on the BBC feed is great and, as I have said before, should have got the ITV gig when Murray retired 11 years ago. Since when we've had Allen, Legard and one glorious season of Brundle/DC.

b) the normally excellent presenter Simon Lazenby made a very off colour gag about Princess Grace and the difficulty of driving around the mountain passes of Monaco. The sun must have got to his head but let's hope His Serene Highness isn't informed. He later apologised citing the 'intimidating atmosphere'. Most odd.

c) in the build-up to the race there was a lovely feature on 'Mr Monaco' Graham Hill, including interviews with JYS and Damon. Quite understated and beautifully done, especially Damon's comment about talking to Senna after Ayrton had broken Graham's record of five wins. 'He would have been the first to say 'well done''. I have to say Damon and Jacques have both been so dignified in the way they have honoured their fathers without sentimentality or exploitation.
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