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UK's Ch5 Royal Correspondant, Simon Vigar

gave a lovely report on Melbourne radio of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee celebrations happening in London.

Good to finally put a voice to the face/name.

Well done that man.


  • he sounds like a royal correspondent too, doesn't he :-)
  • Too right RJ. All very British upper-middle class!!!!! lol
  • Just a toff really...

    Been following the lad on twitter. Just who is Sian Welby? And why does Isla Traquair have a "thing" for your socks?

    In the words of Pauline Hansen, Please Explain!
  • Never explain, never complain ...

    Thank-you, Oz: is that a big station in Melbourne?
  • Oh Lord....the vanity! Is that a big radio station, huh, huh, is it??????

    Takes me back. Managed to get the boy to say the word 'lease' during a BBC World sports Bulletin some years ago. What a crack up.

    Congratulations Viges. You know you have hit the big time when you are doing the Royal Report.

    The magic of google images shows both of those individuals to have common physical attribute Roo. Looks like the boy is in the 'early middle' years of marriage.
  • No worries mate. Yeah, 104.3fm is one of the major (top 2-3) FM stations in town. The shiela you spoke to (Bridget Duclo)sp, has been around since Moses played fullback for Jerusalem, and the other bloke is a local comedian.

    Well done again mate, came across all proper and British. Very good.
  • You said it - my money's on backhanders, but all above board, natch.
  • Bloody internet - that's a response to an entirely different issue...
  • Where, in the name of Giancarlo, have you been?
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