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Euro 2012

So guys, how do you see it?
My impression is Germany will win, taking its revenge over Spain, with Holland as outsider and Russia and Portugal as possible surprise.
Do not expect much from Czech Republic, Poland and Greece, (even though I expect referree favours for Poland), while Ukraine is in a too difficult group. Irish guys may be tough as usual, but the technical level is really low.

Italy and England are two mysteries, they both lack many players (England with 3 18-year old guys and without Barry, Lampard and Cahill), and Italy with this new scandal that has already struck Criscito out and may also involve Buffon and Bonucci (both from Juve.....).

But the real, total and absolute mystery is, as usual France!!! I have frankly no idea how they may perform!!!

Let's enjoy it, will be a non-stop for two weeks, then the top games!!!


  • France to win, and England out in the first stage...

    [Edited on 6-6-12 by SuperRoo]
  • Yes, well, we're experts at that. I should point out Les Frogs were, unbelievably, even more abject than us at the World Cup. Hodgson should have had a complete clear out of the old guard to build for the next World Cup.

    Germany to win.

    [Edited on 6-6-12 by viges]
  • I am german but I think France will make it, too.
  • for some reason I suddenly stopped caring on Wednesday evening
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