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2012 FORZAMINARDI.COM CHALLENGE - ROUND 07 - Montreal (8 - 10 JUN 2012)

2012 FORZAMINARDI.COM CHALLENGE - ROUND 07 - Montreal (8 - 10 JUN 2012)


1.0 Predict the following exactly and gain points each round:
a. Pole getter - 2 points (pole getter is defined as the one who is on pole
when the race is started)
b. Winner of GP - 4 points
c. Second in GP - 3 points
d. Third in GP - 2 points
e. Fourth in GP - 1 point
f. 1st car out after the race has started under the green lights whether
through DNF or DNS (through stalling for eg.) or through DQ (by black flag
for eg.) - 1 point (point given even if DQ is appealed)
g. Name the ex-Minardi driver who finishes in the highest
position in the race amongst all ex-minardi drivers - 2 points

All predictions above must be EXACTLY correct. Should any driver pull out
before the race weekend, his replacement is not automatically substituted in
the bets...the bettors MUST exercise the edit right as provided in clause 6
two days before race day (e.g. if race day is on Sunday, final edit right is
day-stamp of post Friday).

2.0 Prize for the winner with most points at end of season:
a. the glory of being the season's Forzaminardi.com champion...plus whatever additional prize R-J
or the others may want to throw in. :-)

3.0 The organisers are manlio27 and FactyCrab.

4.0 The qualifying and race results FIRST published by formula1.com will be
used to judge the bets placed unless the referees by a majority decision decide to use the amended results following any steward decisions made post race. No appeal to organisers' decision which is

5.0 If the organisers cannot make a decision, they will consult R-J and/or
Neil_s and/or Minardi4eva who shall act as referees.

6.0. All bets must be submitted in the above 1.0 a to g order and must be
submitted before the first quali session starts. Any bets submitted after the
first quali starts will be invalid. All bets MUST be in by before the first
quali but no editing of any bets placed can be done after the end of friday
practices (or in the case of Monaco after Thursday's practices). This is
because when a post is edited, there is no time stated when such edits have
been done, it just says which date the edit was done.

7.0 DQ means disqualification during the race. so any disqualification
resulting from and/or with not starting the race does not fall under this description of

8.0 Any additional rules can be added to aid clarity but not to change the
bets format and the points as and when deemed neccessary.

9.0 The referees of this 2012 ForzaMinardi Challenge are Lease, manlio27,
Forzaminardi, PistonBroke and Telstar (if Lease, R-J, Piston and Telstar agree). A majority decision
from these 5 is required to settle any dispute. If the dispute concerns the
referee's bet, then the other 4 referees must adjudicate and arrive at a majority

Results after Round 6

Superoo 15-9-24

Jumpeyspider 11-3-14
Lease 10-2-12

Telstar 10-0-10

Pistonbroke 9-0-9

Manlio 5-2-7

Forza 2-0-2

[Edited on 5-6-12 by Lease]


  • Pole: Rosberg

    P1 - Button

    P2 - Rosberg

    P3 - Vettel

    P4 - Hamilton

    First Out - Raikonnen

    Best Ex - Webber
  • Pole: Gros-Jean
    1st: Kimi
    2nd: Alonso
    3rd: Clewlis
    4th: Gros-Jean
    First out: Di Resta
    Best ex-Minardi: Alonso
  • Pole: Clewlis

    P1 - Clewlis

    P2 - Webber

    P3 - Kimi

    P4 - Fred

    First Out - Rosberg

    Best Ex - Webber
  • Pole: Schumacher

    P1 - Button

    P2 - Vettel

    P3 - Webber

    P4 - Hamilton

    First Out - Schumacher

    Best Ex - Webber
  • Pole: Hamilton
    1st: Alonso
    2nd: Vettel
    3rd: Button
    4th: Webber
    First out: de la Rosa
    Best ex-Minardi: Alonso

    [Edited on 9-6-2012 by PistonBroke]
  • Pole: L. hamilton
    1st: L. hamilton
    2nd: F. Alonso
    3rd: S. vettel
    4th: M. webber
    First out: F. Massa
    Best ex-Minardi: F. Alonso
  • Results after Round 7

    Superoo 24-4-28

    Jumpeyspider 14-5-19

    Lease 12-0-12

    Telstar 10-0-10

    Pistonbroke 9-1-10

    Manlio 7-1-8

    Forza 2-0-2
  • So out of 7 rounds and a possible 105 points, Superoo at the top sits 77 points off that 105 mark and the rest of us further off. Collectively as a group we are 16 off. Really goes to show the unpredictability of this season.
  • Exactly so.

    Fairly interesting race though. Funny how even though there are lots of possible permutations as far as outcomes are concerned, the best strategy is still turning out to be to qualify first, and go hard.

    That is how Hamilton won this race, more or less how Webber won Monaco, and certainly how Maldonado and Rosberg won their races.

    Montreal was at least interesting, even though the time difference makes all north And south American races necessary to be viewed by recording here.

    The Maccas were astounding. Just how the two drivers could be that far apart is incredible. If this was golf, you would say that Button has the yips as far as setting his car up is concerned. Just exactly how do you explain to the folks at Vodafone why their logo is vying for TV time with Air Asia and EQB energy Drink? Hamilton got it exactly right though and showed that the two-stop could work if you just pull your bloody finger out and drive hard.

    Alonso was his cool,cool self, but that strategy really was indefensible. They talk about these tyres falling off a cliff, and we have seen it with Kimi and now with Fred. Three and four seconds a lap equals a lot of lost time with 10 laps to go, and so it proved again. Easy in hindsight to criticise, but the precedent was there, and second place was never going to stick. Massa is looking a lot better lately, but 'better' still does not look like winning any time soon. when you look at the team points at Macca and Red Bull, and then at TOIT, you can see why the management is not happy.

    Red Bull looked brittle in Canada, but they always seem to. In fairness to Webber, he had some power problems early on that dropped him back and his first stop put him in a position from which it became impossible to recover. Vettell drove well again, and was obviously pushing very hard. It was a bit surprising that he didn't end up having a big lose somewhere along the way, but he held it together and that is a measure of how he has matured.

    Mercedes are hard to read. Slow, fast, faster, slow seems to be the story of their race. Both them and Sauber seem to be very sensitive to track temperature with their cars dying and comming alive at various parts the races to date.

    None of the others were worth mentioning really, except for Catterham, which is starting to look quite consistent as far as improvement goes. The Toro Rosso's are looking exactly tyhe same as last year, with only flashes of speed here and there, though I note that Riciardo posted the 4th fastest lap on his last tour around the Montreal circuit. Makes you wonder whether they had any idea at all about which tyres were working on their cars.

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