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  • That was a load of rubbish.

    The plain facts are that they never had enough evidence to convict on a murder charge, so she should never have gone to jail.

    Similarly, there is not, was not enough evidence to conclusively prove the dingo theory either.

    The findings from each of the inquests and trials should have been probable death; from reasons unknown.

    No body was ever found, and the evidence was poorly handled, and the experts testifying at trial were idiots.

    For this latest inquest to find a reasonable probability that the baby was taken by Dingo/s is just not supportable. It is a fop to public sentiment.

    Further research carried out in Stradbroke Island into the behaviour of Dingos brought into frequent contact with humans proves it is entirely possible for these animals to have carried out the abduction and death of the child, but that is not enough when combined with the circumstantial evidence in the case to allow for probability of it actually happenning.

    There remain any number of possible events occurring that could explain the disappearence of the child, including a human abduction.
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