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Nothing much happens at ... oh, well, that was quite a good one.

Epic drive by Fred and well done to old boy Schumi. Pastor's slam-dunk on Lewis was payback for last year at Monaco, I am afraid.


  • Mark likes coming 4th
  • Mark was lucky to get fourth starting from 19. Even more luckier that Seb and Clewlis DNF'd. Fred doesn't have the fastest machine, but as I said a few weeks back he is the most consistent. He is going to need the point buffer to hold of the Red Bulls. Seb had his feet up sipping a Pimms, he was so dominant. Never count your chickens...

    Pastor needs to curb his aggression, just watch how Mark and Schumi sliced through those struggling with tyres.

    Perez is so inconsistent. Just can't see him wearing red next year.

    Massa! (see Perez)

    Good to see Kimi on the podium, but his team mate is showing him up.

    McLaren! what can you say. Clewlis did well to stay in a podium spot before being unceremoniously punted. Will he get a trouble free pit stop...

    Has Button walked under a ladder? have his team forgotten to set up a car? Unbelievable the troubles he is having.

    Good drive from Ricciardo. Too bad Petrov decided he wasn't going to be overtaken. Vergne, just dumb.

    After watching Sebs in car footage of his qualy lap I thought what a crap track. If not for Pirelli it would have been a crap race.

    Can't wait for a proper track. Bring on Silverstone...
  • How very extraordinary. It was almost as if someone transposed the race back to the eighties, with crashes and car failures everywhere.

    It was lot of fun to watch though - wahoo!

    Vettel's qualie lap was just stunning as far as the time that popped up is concerned. Just exactly how DID that happen??

    Then to show that it was not a fluke, he blitzes away from the field at a second a lap and more. Crikey! Still, the car problem spiced the race up no end.

    Agree with Roo that Alonso is doing exeactly what he needs to, and at this stage, is being rewarded with top place in the championship. He really is making his team mate look second rate. How can Massa go to work each week knowing that he is going to have his confidence trashed? TOIT are really paying for his lack of points in a big way. They should be leading the championship, but instead are not even in with a shout at this stage.

    Maclaren look more awful than at any time this year. Jenson is terrible, and Hamilton is driving the thing as hard as anyone can, but gets no luck inm the stops, and an even worse race strategy.

    The young guns; Perez, Maldonado, etc are at best clumsy, and at worst, just plain idiots. One infers from the way they go about keeping company with other cars, that they think they have special rights or something. Verge's antics were stupid on a spectacular scale. I read earlier in the week, that Marko criticised him for being 'Too Wild', so how does the young Frenchman answer? Well he goes out and deliberatley bangs Heiki's wheels to show him who's who, and after that tear-arses back to the pits at a million miles an hour to make absolutely sure that the car is wrecked. Love your work Jean Eric.

    Webber, and to a lesser extent, Schumaker got lucky, lucky. In my opinion, they were on the correct strategy and got the benefit from that. but there were five extra places that neither of them were entitled to. It seemed to me that the strategy for anyone starting from inside the top ten, had to be soft, soft, medium, and still the force Indias and others went for the soft/medium one stop. Could they not see that Valencia mandates at least one safety car??? Drivers outside the top ten has to go for the medium, soft, soft if they had two new softs, and that is what Webber did. It only took one safety car to make the strategy pay off, and in the event, they had two. Webber screwed up by not nailing Schumaker on the latter's outlap, as it appeared that he had a much faster car by that stage. Had he done so, his drive would truly have been monumental, but as it was.......well.

    Big sads for Grosjean, who must have thought that he was to be properly rewarded for his very good work through the weekend, only to be destroyed by the usually bullet-proof Renault.

    All up, it was bloody entertaining stuff.
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