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Saw a poll on Crash.net where 57% of respondents reckoned that Hamilton was to blame for their crash.

Whilst holding no torch for Clewlis, that result defies logic.

Of course online polls are not in the least bit reliable, but that one shows at the very least the Hamilton does not have a strong fan base.

I find that intriguing because my personal view is that there are a number of drivers in the field today that do not do enough to keep their cars out of contact with others. I will be specific:





and yes, Hamilton

After last weekend, Vergne is on the watchlist

That Maldonado still holds a superlicence is evidence that both those who grant the licence, and GP Driver's Associations simply do not have an effective review process. He should be banned. his history is littered with examples of him using his race car as an offensive tool against others on the racetrack - including at least one example of a track marshall.

But in all cases, these guys simply do not appear to have enough respect for the destructive capacity of the machines in their control. Each has numerous examples of putting their vehicle into a situation where another driver has few, or no options to avoid a collisison.

That's not racing. Maldonado drove into Hamilton. Hamilton drove into Massa, Webber, and a heap of other people. Kobayashi drives into just about everything and crushed Massa's race last weekend. Petrov quite deliberately allowed his car to move out and clip Ricciardo on the weekend, and in general keeps his foot down way after he has run out of skill.

These guys are clowns. They didn't grow up in the period where drivers lost their lives trying to drive faster than everyone else. They have no notion of the heroic nature of drivers from past eras. They rely on an amazing layered and interracting web of passive and active safety features that help them to emerge unharmed from accidents that would have been fatal 20 years ago; and they deliberately put themselves into those events.

Get rid of 'em.


  • 100% Maldonado's fault, he also nearly speared into Webber and Mark went off track to avoid him.

    He's just aggressive and impatient.
  • Hear, hear.

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and making a driver (track or road) feel invincible is a perfect example. A large spike is required in the centre of a steering wheel, not an airbag.

    Maldonado has never been able to see through the red mist.

    Re Lewis: I am afraid to say that the opinion poll reinforces my opinion about casual, institutional, inherent racism in motor racing.

    [Edited on 2-7-12 by viges]
  • Like the spike on the steering wheel idea. I've long thought that a good way to reduce accidents involving large trucks on the highways would be to redesign prime movers so that the driver's cab was down at road level, rather than way up high where they are immune from injury when in collisions with smaller vehicles.

    Racism?????? Verr is herr Maxvell ven you need him???
  • Maldonado - never had a brain cell in his head, it's not malicious, he's just like a crocidile - snap - snap- snap - whenever you point a proverbial stick at him. Lovely guy though. Wouldn't it be dull if everyone was like Prost?

    Maybe the anti-Lewis sentiment is down to his coming in as a star rookie - I hate that, it's just not right. I love him now he's a perpetually frustrated superfast angst machine, that's much more fun in comic book character terms. But then, it could be racism - never overestimate the public.

    Anyway, hi, amazed you guys are still here.
  • You left out Schumacher Lease??? :p
  • Well the Swervemaker has toned it right down since 'Barichellogate' I reckon. At the moment he does not warrant inclusion.

    Maldonado was a real Mr timid at Hockenheim though/

    Hey there Silverghost. Yes, we are still here waiting for the second comming. We've just become more exclusive.
  • That's one way of putting it. These days we do backflips when RJ pops by.

    Welcome back silverghost. Don't be a ... er, ghost.
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