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Name That Lunatic

Who will be the first to spear into someone else at Silverstone?


  • If Petrov was still in the Lotus Renault I would hand down pick him and even name who he would hit based on last year, Schumacher.

    I'm sure Maldonado has had a talk but I don't think that will sink in and he will hit someone in a spot on track where he clearly has room on the other side to avoid said hit and have another go soon after. Probably will hit Hamilton again.
  • For my money, I reckon that Kamui will simply note be able to resist trying to stick his nose on the inside of someone at Club.

    You mark my words young-uns.
  • I haven't seen a Hamilton-Massa collision for a while, quite miss them, I have to say!!!
  • Lease, your republican colours are enlarged. Inversely proportional to the chances of a 'yes' vote? ...
  • Post race:

    OK, so Kobayashi wasn't the first. But he did wipe out half of his own team.

    Good man. Never liked the Swiss (Federer included).

  • Maldonado Wins!

    Really should make this a bonus point feature.

    Perfect demonstration from Maldonado on why he should be banned, and full marks for Perez' honest appraisal.

    Very honourable mention to Kobayashi for outstanding stupidity and putting lives at risk. If he did that in Oz, it would ahve cost quite a bit in cartons of beer for each of the pit crew by way of appology.

    Edit: Yes, didn't quite note how big that flag actaully was going to be. Will change it when I get a chance. As far as a 'Yes' vote is concerned, first you need a referendum, and after the last debacle on that particular issue, don't expect one anytime soon. God Bless our Queen.

    [Edited on 8-7-12 by Lease]
  • I initially voted for Kobayashi. Though I really wanted to give it to Maldonado.
    After Maldonado took out Perez, I wanted to change my vote after the race.
    But as they say about Melbourne's weather, "if you don't like it, wait 5 minutes".
    Though and behold Kobayashi takes out his team. Man, did I laugh. The universe has it's way
    of recalibrating itself and restoring order.
    Dumb and Dumber!!!!
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