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Well done, Webbo. Some good moves there.

Perez-Maldonado is fast becoming a diplomatic incident between Mexico and Venezuela.

Macca's turmoil continues. I interviewed both drivers pre-race and they are genuinely baffled by what is going on. Post race Jenson said he was mostly racing Saubers and Williams. Saubers quicker in the fast stuff, Williams quicker in the slow stuff. Both able to make mistakes and recover in a way the McLaren cannot.

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  • Cracker of a race.

    First of all congratulations to the folks who set the DRS Zone. For the first time, they got it absolutely right. Just enough to get in position for a pass, but the drivers still had to work to make it stick. Perfect.

    Good race from Webber, who seems to be at last getting the hang of these tyres. I feel that he won this race on hi first stint on the softs by keeping Alonso in sight whilst making the tyres last as long as possible. Great overtake that showed he knows his man. Alonso decided on his one move to the left, which Webber anticipated nicely, and full marks to Fred for not then trying to go right. As the commentators said, that it was a very good demonstration of 'proper' driving from both of them.

    Some great racing all the way down to 14th, though not much said about the full stop on Catterham progress up the field.

    Massa shows some speed at last, but still nowhere near Fernando's class at the moment. Bad luck for the Maccas and didn't that car look ordinary.

    Excellent driving from Vettell in the early stages to avoid serious collisions with all manner of aspirants, including the rally-driving Raikonnen.

    Senna was a standout on this occasion, as was Grosjean. The Frenchman really must be a keeper for WDC in the future, though he does seem to have something of the Fisichella about him. Let's hope that raw talent doesn't get wasted in the way that it was on the Fish.

    Very enjoyable race, though they can ditch the podium interviews if it means that we don't get the unilaterals.
  • What a cracker. Couldn't watch it live so I had to go through Monday avoiding the result.
    Just finished watching it. I will keep this copy.

    Maldonado should watch the guys at the front on how to overtake.

    Thank God the rain stayed away. I remember Adelaide, I think 89'. Where It just rained and rained, and I thought
    I would rather be watching this in a pub than getting my arse wet.

    Anyhoo, it makes the story a little more interesting.
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