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Hi guys.
Well that seemed a long break. Im off to the wilds of Tasmania for a photoshoot so if you can put in my tips for this race all will be good :)

I hope I get to see it.

Pole: Kimi
1st: Kimi
2nd: Alonso
3rd: Grosjean
4th: Webber
First out: Massa
Best ex-Minardi: F. Alonso


  • Bernie continues to write the script for season 2012.

    The question on the tips of the lips of the quips is when will they get rid of Maldonado? Beyond a joke and doesn't deserve to be there.

    I have some sympathy for Grosjean as he probably didn't see Hamilton there when he moved over. That said, it was a really stupid thing to do on the short run to La Source at any time and he deserves his penalty.

    Loved Kobayashi's brake cooking exercise. They will never say it, but I will bet a clap of thunder against a goose's fart, that he welded the pads on when he stopped on the line. Absolute classic.

    Button won that race in a scarily easy way. Once he qualified and got away, he didn't have to race at all. Look out monza is what i say.

    Wonder what's going on with Hamilton and the relationship with Mclaren? There are obviously some tactics being played out in regard to the contract, but they are not particularly easy to read. In relation to the crash by the way, did anyone notice that his car appeared to continue pushing over the back of Grosjean, and even on into Alonso? It seemded that either he was being pushed or forgot(?) to take his foot off the vrrrm pedal.

    Excellent work from Hulkenburg to keep Webber out and then to get away once Schumaker went in. Equally poor work from Webber to get passed by Massa and Vettel when it counted.

    Again Vettel gets the working strategy in that team. Uncanny.

    How about those Toro Rosso's eh? Looked very racy in the first stint when they got the advantage of the crash. And looked absolute shite on the hard tyres after that.

    Lotws of hype, and lots of letdown for Kimi in Spa. He certainly has found his voice these days, but only to the extent of whining about the car.

    So the competition gets a little bit compressed, and Alonso gets a scare. Expect him to be a bit tentative in the next race. At this point, the only realistic chance is Vettel, though if the Macca has found the magic button, you never know.
  • Alonso really risked his like, he could have easily been hitten on his head by one of Grosjean's wheels!! Luckily nothing happened. Every time I see a pile-up at the start, anyway, I think of a legendary sentence by Jean Alesi once Jarno Trulli hit him out of the race at the start in 1999: "some people think the race lasts two laps"!!!!!!

    The superiority shown by Button was amazing, and I agree with Lease if Macca found such set-up it may not be too late despite Clewlis (whom I still consider a more likely contender for the title than Jenson) is at -47 and Jense at -63!!!!

    It is an absolute truth that whenever a crash happens, Grosjean and/or Maldonado are ALWAYS involved, so I also agree with the penalty. I reckon D'Ambrosio will sit in for Grosjean in Monza, let's see how he makes! Renault still needs that little je-ne-sais-quoi to take Kimi on top of the podium! But Kimi's there and at the right moment he won't miss it!
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