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Is he gone for real this time?

Schumacher is still undecided about whether he will leave F1 after being shown the exit at Mercedes, he says. I don't buy the stuff about "his legacy being dented" by not being all that convincing in the Mercedes but would he really want to spend a year being lapped at HRT?


  • An interesting move would be if he replaced Massa, for 1 year, as he would be no threat to Fred.
  • Sounds as though he has lost the gas for this now and will be gone for real. I know he says he has not figured out what he will do next but I wouldn't be surprised if he develops Mercedes road cars in a similar role he did at Ferrari. At least some sort of team management role might be possible.
  • I guess the answer to hat he will do next lies in the question of why did he come back.

    If it was to race, and not just that he was talked into it, then he could do worse than Sauber. I am sure that they are smart enough to realise that having the Swerve on board means sponsor names on the car.

    The fact is though, that he has been dumped, and that cannot sit well with him. Maybe he will buy HRT, or Toro Rosso
  • well for now he's retired again
  • Judging from his comments, he's cooked. Judging from his manager's comments, he is also a tad miffed.

    They should have ginven him the chance to retire before announcing Hamilton. As it is, it's just humilliating.
  • Blame Kimi: TOIT's rush to sign him bounced Schumi into premature first retirement. He should never have walked away then and he regretted it almost immediately.
  • He should have raced in 2007, 2008 and 2009, not 10, 11 and 12.
    I think at that time he wanted to sign for one more year, as his wife was wary in him signing for 2 years, ad TOIT told him "either you sign for 2 years or you go, because if you sign 1 year Kimi will go to Renault and we will have no alternatives for 2008 should you leave at the end of 2007". Nobody could have imagine how the Alonso-Mc Laren story was gonna end in 2007.

    I would have thought he wanted to just do some more racing if he came back for 1 year, his insistence makes me think he rather wanted to feel young again. In this sense, I think he's gone from F1 but he may keep racing, e.g. in DTM or, why not, in American formulas (I would actually love to see him trying Indy).
    He may also, IMO, develop Mercedes sport cars, but definitely I cannot see him behind a desk (why should he????????)
  • He musn't do DTM: retired F1 drivers, including his brother, are made to look very ordinary in that. Quite interesting why none of them have shone. Have any of them been with a 'top' team?
  • Open wheelers, no matter how good they are struggle in tin top racing.

    Anyone watch the V8 Gold Coast race? What a laugh!!!
  • Yes, yes, we covered this in the DTM thread. You must have overlooked it with the forum being so busy these days
  • Haven't got all day trolling though the numerous (2) threads by the, what is it now, 3 contributors!
  • I wish you two would leave me in peace.
  • The noise, the noise!

    Where is the moderator to get some of these people under control?
  • We need a Yoong v Webber post

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  • Where's doddy when you need him?
  • order, order
  • Well said RJ. I was wondering if someone was going to take control of this unruly rabble!!!
  • The honorary member of Canberra will be given an administrative fine of tuppence
  • Yeah!!!......get stuffed
  • From what I hear the member for Queanbeyan ought to be receiving a fine after he threw the toys out of the pram at the last press conference. Dear me, shades of the Prima donna there.

    Now a lesson in politics.

    There is a member for Canberra, but this is misleading. Canberra is an Administrative Territory.

    Australia is a Federation of 6 states and two territories. The states are self governing via state governments. The states are further delineated by local councils, which provide local administration of infrastructure. The states are responsible for hospitals, eduction, and infrastructure, though the federal government also has overlapping responsibilities in these areas as well. The federal and state governments are all governed via a Westmisnter-style bicameral parliament, with the exception of Queensland, which has no upper house.

    The Territories self-govern via local parliaments of one house, and the head of government is the Chief Minister, as opposed to the head of state governments; The Premier; and the Federal Parliament; The Prime minister. There is also a Royal Representeative; The Governor General for Federal; and the State governor for states, who also takes the role of Head of State in all cases. There is no governor for the territories as these responsibilities are taken by Federal Government Management Authorities, and the Federal Parliament itself. Whilst the Territories may pass laws and raise taxes (not income tax, or goods and services taxes, which are the sole prerogative of the Federal Parliament)their parliaments can still be overruled by the Federal Parliament in ALL matters. Take for example the twin contemporary moral issues of Gay Marriage and Assisted Voluntary Suicide. In both cases both of the territories have tried to legsilate to legalise these issues, and have on each occasion been vetoed by the Federal Government.

    Now back to the real correction, which is the Member for Canberra. As explained, there is no state government, so no State Member, and the federal jurisdiction is broken up into electorates for the lower house. The geographical boundaries of the Australian Capital Territory contain 2 federal eectorates; Canberra & Fraser, so in fact when RJ wishes to fine the member for Canberra, does he in fact mean the member resresenting the area roughly shown as being everything south of Lake Burley Griffin, or does he mean all of the suburbs to the north of the lake?

    Now, one more slightly relevant point: I actually do not live in Canberra. Whilst work, and children's school, and most social activities are conducted in the ACT, my home is some 30 kilometres to the north, where can be found my smallish 10-acre Horse Estate (400 Weeroona Drive Wamboin NSW for google maps/satellite, or google Earth enthusiasts). This of course means that my voting electorate is Eden-Monaro, within the geographical boundaries of the State of NSW. This means that I am required to vote (Australia being one of very few countries that have legally-enforced mandatory voting on all enfranchied persons)in the Federal Electorate of Eden-monaro in Federal Elections; the Monaro District for State elections; and the Palerang council area for local elections.

    Ergo, no tuppence will be forthcomming.
  • Lease, mate, your family need your love and attention too. What are you doing here? :P
  • your place looks nice btw, viges and I shall be coming over. Viges will bring his family too, which shouldn't worry you, they don't eat or drink much
  • Surely Viges is following Charles and Camilla to Australia. Or maybe he only follows the youngins! He would be handicapped not getting to talk about fashion. Should be plenty of fillies at the Melbourne Cup for Viges to talk about:P

    Then a couple of Carlton draughts with me to talk about future fashion trends!

    Then a quick trip north for a BBQ with Lease. Perfect!
  • The Royal Correspondant seems to have gone MIA. I, however, have been following this circus.

    Check out the bad head, 2nd from left, in the background.

  • It's a "ranga" in the mist. You could've smiled!!
  • We blew the budget on William & Kate in Singapore and the Solomons.

    re: the current visit. Pix from PNG were good: you lot are no competition. Come on Oz, show us your, er, assets. What were you looking at?!
  • Would've smiled Roo, but didn't realise the camera was there. The tall bloke on the right is the Victorian State Premier and the woman in the blue is his wife. I was standing by with umbrellas as the Melbourne spring weather rang true to form and it starting raining as soon as they stepped out the door.

    Said "See ya" to Chuck and Milly yesterday morning, someone else's responsibility now. I'm just waiting for a day off, what an intinerary. I'm knackered.
  • According to the news, they were in Canberra on the weekend. Otherwise, blissfully unaware.
  • Going back to the thread topic (thanks, Lease, for your Australian Constitutional law lecture!), honour be anyway to Michael Schumacher on his last F1 race (Hopefully!!).

    Controversial and unfair-playing as he may have been in tons of episodes of his career, dull as he may be outside the track, and pretty nonsensical as his three final years with Merc may have been, he's been one of the truly greatest of all time, with Fangio, Clark, Stewart, Lauda, Prost, Senna and Alonso.

    I won't miss him (specially the Mercedes version of him) but many of his duels with Hill, Villeneuve, Hakkinen and sometimes Montoya, Raikkonen and Alonso were real pearls and I still think with enormous regrets to what the Senna-Schumacher duel would have been in the years 94/98.

    Thanks, M$, and congrats again for your fantastic and legendary career. But now, please, piss off!
  • So heartfelt Manlio. I have a lump in my throat.
    Hold a sec..............................phew, that's better.
    Just a peanut that needed some beer to transport it. All good.
    Ah yes M$. He should go, but he is simply outperforming Nico.
    I think Clewlis will wipe the floor with him...
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