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Who's still here?

Yes, I'm a bad host, I admit it. But I find it quite amazing that so many of you are still around, 6 years after Minardi called it a day!

I just blame Facebook for not being around as much as I used to be (and the fact that I haven't watched a full F1 race in years).

So who is still around to read this post? (apart from Lease)


  • Well I am still here, and Viges is stalking the Royals being a fashionista. (Gotta luv twitter)
    Occasionally drops in for a chat. I guess the predictions posts gives the game away.
  • I'm still...........oh, right...ok
  • I'm still here. Minardi news is certainly reduced, but it still exists. :p
  • Me too. (waving from the back corner)
  • Im here. . . . Thank God for the Aussies on this site :)
  • Still here as well.
  • five ozzies, gosh. what's stoddie up to these days?
  • I am also still around.

    Apart from that interview () I haven't heard much from Paul Stoddart, there were more things I heard from or about GCM.
  • never say never ey... we're waiting, Paul ;-)
  • Probably not....but; I continue to think that Webber is a team owner in waiting. Mark is a very planned type of guy. He is also very active, and will not suit retirment well. It is a fact that he and Horner have been practicing with the FP3 team (or whatever that formula is called). He loves the idea of promoting young talent as well.

    I would absolutely not be surprised for him to take at least a large stake in Toro Rosso when he quits. There are a lot of synergies there, and Matesitch I think is very greatful for Mark's role in bringing the team forward during the early years, and continuing to help Finger Boy to set up his car so that he can win races.

    Actually, I'd put money on it.
  • Present and sometimes correct.
  • Broad interpretation. Frankly, I am not sure why we are paying good money for a journalist who doesn't even know the basics of his profession; ie, more than two words per contribution; doesn't even know how to hack a phone (no chance of a Editor-in-Chief role there);brings no paddock goss at all..

    Er..waht's that?...we don't pay him?....hurumph hurumph, keep up the good wotk lad.
  • Journalist? More like stalker of all things royal
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