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Didn't reach any great heghts, but still interesting from a number of points of view.

I think that it IS telling that tracks like Suzuka are better because they don't offer the overun free kick. Whilst it could be argued that Alonso would not have made it back to the pits on one tyre, we did see Perez (who I still put in the 'crazy' basket) get punished for taking too big a risk, and that is how it should be.

You have to feel sorry for Grosjean. He is a heck of a nice guy, but I don't think we will be seeing him next year. Lotus are very sensitive to bad press, and he has just made too many mistakes. He has to be uber-careful from here on in, which means that he cannot race aggressively, so uless he manages some poles, he'll have no more results this year.

Vettel had complete control of the race so that was not so interesting, but there were some quite interesting things hapenning further back.

My favourite was Danny Riciardo defending against MS in the closing stages. Ricciardo has genuine pace but suffered quite a lot in the early part of the year from not being aggressive enough. He certainly seems to be getting that right now! The speed difference between he and Vergne is very small, so I expect we will see them both line up for TR next year.

Hamilton has gone from being a quick - if somewhat spoiled - racer, to an absolute prick. I think he actually believes in this 'personality' that his management team have built around him. It's a shame, but he is not worth much in people terms. One imagines that he is in for some culture shock from the 'Boys from Brackley'.

Nice drive from Hulkenburg who has consistently defied the hype around Di Resta to put in some solid performances.

The title is getting pretty interesting and one has to imagine that this will indeed be a two-horse race from here. Whilst Brazil is pretty much a RBR track, and maybe toss India and Korea in there as well, there is certainly potential for TOIT to win at least a couple, and if Macca spoil the RBR party at more than one of the others, it could become fun.

The outcome that I would like to see is Vettel to be a few points behind Alonso comming into Brazil. Then, with 20 laps to go, the order is Webber, Vettel, Alonso. Webber moves over to let Vettel pass and win the championship. Just because I have a fondness for irony.
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