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2013 FORZAMINARDI CHALLENGE - Round 02 MAL 22-24 Mar 2013


1.0 Predict the following exactly and gain points each round:
a. Pole getter - 2 points (pole getter is defined as the one who is on pole
when the race is started)
b. Winner of GP - 4 points
c. Second in GP - 3 points
d. Third in GP - 2 points
e. Fourth in GP - 1 point
f. 1st car out after the race has started under the green lights whether
through DNF or DNS (through stalling for eg.) or through DQ (by black flag
for eg.) - 1 point (point given even if DQ is appealed)
g. Name the ex-Minardi driver who finishes in the highest
position in the race amongst all ex-minardi drivers - 2 points

All predictions above must be EXACTLY correct. Should any driver pull out
before the race weekend, his replacement is not automatically substituted in
the bets...the bettors MUST exercise the edit right as provided in clause 6
two days before race day (e.g. if race day is on Sunday, final edit right is
day-stamp of post Friday).

2.0 Prize for the winner with most points at end of season:
a. the glory of being the season's Forzaminardi.com champion...plus whatever additional prize R-J
or the others may want to throw in. :-)

3.0 The organisers are manlio27 and Lease.

4.0 The qualifying and race results FIRST published by formula1.com will be
used to judge the bets placed unless the referees by a majority decision decide to use the amended results following any steward decisions made post race. No appeal to organisers' decision which is

5.0 If the organisers cannot make a decision, they will consult R-J and/or
Pistonbroke and/or Telstar who shall act as referees.

6.0. All bets must be submitted in the above 1.0 a to g order and must be
submitted before the first quali session starts. Any bets submitted after the
first quali starts will be invalid. All bets MUST be in by before the first
quali but no editing of any bets placed can be done after the end of Friday
practices (or in the case of Monaco after Thursday's practices). This is
because when a post is edited, there is no time stated when such edits have
been done, it just says which date the edit was done.

7.0 DQ means disqualification during the race. so any disqualification
resulting from and/or with not starting the race does not fall under this description of

8.0 Any additional rules can be added to aid clarity but not to change the
bets format and the points as and when deemed neccessary.

9.0 The referees of this 2013 ForzaMinardi Challenge are Lease, manlio27,
Forzaminardi, PistonBroke and Telstar (if Lease, R-J, Piston and Telstar agree). A majority decision
from these 5 is required to settle any dispute. If the dispute concerns the
referee's bet, then the other 4 referees must adjudicate and arrive at a majority


Standings after Round 01 - AUS
1 SuperRoo 0 7 7
2 manlio27 0 4 4
3 JumpeySpyder 0 2 2
3 PistonBroke 0 2 2
3 Telstar 0 2 2

My predictions for Malaysia:

Pole: Vettel
1st: Vettel
2nd: Alonso
3rd: Kimi
4th: Clewlis
First out: Vergne
Best ex-Minardi: Alonso


  • Pole: Webber
    1st: Alonso
    2nd: Webber
    3rd: Kimi
    4th: Vettel
    First out: Sutil
    Best ex-Minardi: Alonso
  • Pole: Vettel
    1st: Raikkonen
    2nd: Vettel
    3rd: Alonso
    4th: Webber
    First out: Maldonado
    Best ex-Minardi: Alonso
  • Pole: Vettel
    1st: Alonso
    2nd: Vettel
    3rd: Kimi
    4th: Webber
    First out: Pic
    Best ex-Minardi: Alonso
  • Pole: S. Vettel
    1st: F. Alonso
    2nd: K. Raikkonen
    3rd: L. Hamilton
    4th: M. Webber
    First out: M. Chilton
    Best ex-Minardi: F. Alonso
  • Pole: Webber (sigh)

    P1: Webber
    P2: Hamilton
    P3: Rosberg
    P4: Kimi

    First Out: Van der Garde

    Best Ex: Webber
  • Another reason why I hate Vettel...Wonder If they were Helmet's private instructions before the race?
  • There's a lot going on there really, you would have to say.

    The first is whether or not Vettel would have beaten Webber anyway. The lead driver gets to call the stops first, so if Webber had thought that he had to keep Seb there, he would have pitted first. Had he done that with his 4 second lead, he would have probably come out further ahead and won anyway. Mark did show through the race that he could turn the wick up anytime someone got a bit close. It was only that he eased off an let Seb pit, and then didn't respond immediately that gave Seb the chance to get into an overtaking position.

    The second is payback for Brazil. Mark was not a team player that day, and regardless of what went before, he should played more nicely that day.

    The third is Silverstone 11. Mark gave a quick look at Seb that day, then backed off and obeyed team orders, so he probably had a right to think that Seb would play as well.

    The fourth of course is Turkey, Turkey, Turkey. That should have been resolved then. Instead, the team let Seb beleive that he had no (or at worst, shared) fault for the accident. It's bullshit. Seb caused the accident, and that much is clear from the slow-mos. That incident has brewed and brewed, and little bits added on from time to time.

    The fifth is all of the crap that has happenned to Mark. The starts, the KERS, the setup info he passes across the garage. All of that. Mark may decide that in the end it just is not worth it, and I think that the team sees that. For once they are hitting out at Seb publicly, and he seems to have now realised that he can do wrong in their eyes.

    The fallout is and will be interesting. Vettel plays the slick one-liner spouting, grinning good guy to the press. In ungaurded moments, he is a vulgar spoilt child. What he should have realised a long time ago (and it is too late now)is that his amazing natural talent had to be alloyed with a personality that is more natural, and less contrived. Seb will never be seen as one of the greats from where he stands right now. He is friendless in this issue, and his achievements are over-shadowed by Newey's genius. He needs to find a new team, win consistently there, and get a natural personality to stand with the contemporary greats. Let's face it, Senna & Schumaker were arseholes, but never pretended to be anything other than who they were. They showed their talents across a range of cars, and were fascinating to watch in the crap ones, as well as the good ones.

    In this race, Mark was having one of his 'unbeatable' days. Still, he was denired. It is quite sad.
  • Dietrich Mateschitz must realise this is actually bad press, and I assume something will filter down from the top. I'd say Mark to Ferrari next year.
  • Mate-shitz must be very displeased.

    I did read an article very recently in which he restates that the taste of his product is of no importance whatever, so extrapolate that! His view is most likely to be 'any publicity, etc'

    I seems reasonably clear that he must be gebuinely conflicted. On the one hand is his evident loyalty to Webber (whose contribution over his time at RB seems to be very highly regarded), and the realities the team faces in staying at the top. Methinks there will be a parting, and that parting will be Mark. If I were him however, I would ask dad to stop talking to the press.
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