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A good old revamp

It's been too long that I neglected this place and that's very unfortunate. Without this place I'd have never become a journo (or somebody who's job description matches that of a journo) and there are too many beautiful memories attached to it to let it wither away, even if I haven't watched an F1 race for more than 5 years.

so here we go, take a sneak peak at the new forza



  • Do it.

    Just be aware that if you type forzaminardi into the browser, that is where you end up right now, so not sure if this site is easily accessible.

    RJ, you should become re-engaged. This is one of the longest-running non-commercial F1 sites around.

    It can still be a place where fans (not fan-boys) can exchange thoughts, and postulate on the sport and its current affairs.
  • I miss doddy.
  • I miss MattR of Manchester!!! What a positive soul...
  • If you need a hand upgrading the forum again send me an e-mail. Sadly I hardly spend any time in front of the PC nowadays (except for work that is). But I'd be more than happy to do it.
  • 1. Forget Doddy. He disappeared in a puff of logic years ago (appologies to Douglas Adams)

    2. Matt was from Birmingham- Brummie, remember?. Not that it matters. A Pom is a Pom.
  • Valid point!
  • stan!!! amigo! haven't seen you in ages!

    matt called me not too long ago, telling me that our joint investment in Justin Wilson didn't look so good ;-)
  • pretty isn't it? say thanks to stan for integrating the forum, guys
  • Stan the Man: thanks very much. Forza!
  • Great ! Forza ! ;)
  • looking good, well done RJ and Stan!
  • looking good, well done RJ and Stan!
  • A ghost!

    [Edited on 17-4-13 by viges]
  • I totally agree, it's good to see forzaminardi.com is still alive atfer all those years.
  • wow! next thing we know MinardiMattR himself will appear ;-)
  • Originally posted by viges
    A ghost!

    [Edited on 17-4-13 by viges]
    You might think that Simon, especially with the strange double post, but I assure you it's not!
  • It's like a blody roll call on mogadon.
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