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Why not hey? At the end of the day, Vettel is better than Webber and

Here is the poll:

YES - Whilst at a human level, Vettel is a snake without the merest shred of decency, what he did made me secretly pleased because I got to watch a really terrific battle for the lead, and that's how it should be. And I hope that his example is followed by others to stick it up the 'Team Orders' brigade. Racers should race, and to hell with the consequences.

NO - The team made their decision in the interests of overall safety (the tyres exploded in practice when pushed hard), and Vettel would never have gotten near Webber anyway if the latter had still been 'racing'. Plus, a deal is a deal, and people who welch should be sacked.


  • Poll Bandit!!
  • since when are team orders legal? just think about all the kerfuffle in Austria 2002 when Rubens let Michael pass
  • Since 2011, RJ... Tsk tsk ;). You need to start watching the races again.

    I think Vettel did the right thing. I'm not sure if he was right to apologize for it though. He should have defended his decision, but I understand that's a difficult thing to do if you still want to count on the support of the team for the rest of the season.

    [Edited on 30-3-13 by Stan]
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