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TOMS sponsors page

Just noticed that they have taken down all of the sponsors except for Allegrini and Fondmetal, all the technical partners and official suppliers are there except Drink X.

Maybe the new sponsors will be showing up soon on the site. The question now is, will they ever have a decent and open merchandise page.


  • Do not hold your breath. In fairness, they're never going to make much money out of it, are they?

    Don't jump down my throat Quig, it's the truth.
  • I've always said - the 'made in china' gear is quite good and can be made for next to nothing. If they're selling shirts for $50 and Ferrari, Renault, Mercedes, BMW etc sell them for $120 (Australian prices) they will sell shitloads, believe me!
  • Viges - they won't make a mint but if they were to outsource to say...some dedicated fans and just get a cut for doiong nothing more than approving the design and giving up some web space with all of the risk falling on the shoulders of the contractor....sounds okay to me.

    Hell, I could line up people to do this sort of work PDQ.
  • And we could sell it at the races.
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