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2013 FORZAMINARDI CHALLENGE - Round 06 Monaco 23-26 May 2013

1.0 Predict the following exactly and gain points each round:
a. Pole getter - 2 points (pole getter is defined as the one who is on pole
when the race is started)
b. Winner of GP - 4 points
c. Second in GP - 3 points
d. Third in GP - 2 points
e. Fourth in GP - 1 point
f. 1st car out after the race has started under the green lights whether
through DNF or DNS (through stalling for eg.) or through DQ (by black flag
for eg.) - 1 point (point given even if DQ is appealed)
g. Name the ex-Minardi driver who finishes in the highest
position in the race amongst all ex-minardi drivers - 2 points

All predictions above must be EXACTLY correct. Should any driver pull out
before the race weekend, his replacement is not automatically substituted in
the bets...the bettors MUST exercise the edit right as provided in clause 6
two days before race day (e.g. if race day is on Sunday, final edit right is
day-stamp of post Friday).

2.0 Prize for the winner with most points at end of season:
a. the glory of being the season's Forzaminardi.com champion...plus whatever additional prize R-J
or the others may want to throw in. :-)

3.0 The organisers are manlio27 and Lease.

4.0 The qualifying and race results FIRST published by formula1.com will be
used to judge the bets placed unless the referees by a majority decision decide to use the amended results following any steward decisions made post race. No appeal to organisers' decision which is

5.0 If the organisers cannot make a decision, they will consult R-J and/or
Pistonbroke and/or Telstar who shall act as referees.

6.0. All bets must be submitted in the above 1.0 a to g order and must be
submitted before the first quali session starts. Any bets submitted after the
first quali starts will be invalid. All bets MUST be in by before the first
quali but no editing of any bets placed can be done after the end of Friday
practices (or in the case of Monaco after Thursday's practices). This is
because when a post is edited, there is no time stated when such edits have
been done, it just says which date the edit was done.

7.0 DQ means disqualification during the race. so any disqualification
resulting from and/or with not starting the race does not fall under this description of

8.0 Any additional rules can be added to aid clarity but not to change the
bets format and the points as and when deemed neccessary.

9.0 The referees of this 2013 ForzaMinardi Challenge are Lease, manlio27,
Forzaminardi, PistonBroke and Telstar (if Lease, R-J, Piston and Telstar agree). A majority decision
from these 5 is required to settle any dispute. If the dispute concerns the
referee's bet, then the other 4 referees must adjudicate and arrive at a majority

Standings after Round 05 - BAH - Selona
1 1 SuperRoo 20 9 29
2 3 PistonBroke 14 2 16
3 2 manlio27 12 0 12
4 5 Telstar 10 2 12
5 4 JumpeySpyder 9 5 14
6 6 Lease 6 6 12
7 - Stan 0 0 0


  • Pole: Hamilton

    P1: Alonso
    P2: Hamilton
    P3: Rosberg
    P4: Grosjean

    First Out: Raikonnen

    Best Ex: Alonso
  • Telstar's Tips

    For Monaco:

    Pole: Hamilton

    P1 Vettel
    P2 Alonso
    P3 Rosberg
    P4 Raikkonen

    Best Ex Alonso
    First Out Grosjean
  • Pole: Hamilton

    P1: Alonso
    P2: Webber
    P3: Hamilton
    P4: Kimi

    First Out: Sutil

    Best Ex: Alonso
  • Pole: Webber

    P1: Hamilton
    P2: Kimi
    P3: Vettel
    P4: Webber

    First Out: Maldonado

    Best Ex: Webber BBQ
  • Pole: N. Rosberg

    P1: F. Alonso
    P2: K. Raikkonen
    P3: S. Vettel
    P4: M. Webber

    First Out: P. Maldonado

    Best Ex: F. Alonso
  • Caterham was into P4 for awhile :)
  • P3 for a split second if I'm right. It's been a while since I saw such an exciting qualifying session.

    Of course it helps that the Caterham was being driven by a Dutchman ;-). But it actually was a good team effort, I think they even were the first ones out on slicks.
  • Yep Stan . . . first out.
    So do we start a new site called Forza Caterham???
  • Hah! I feel too much at home here ;-). And besides, if we stay here we can let RJ do all the work.
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