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Wow!!! how boring was that. If not for a couple of idiots it would have been the most boring race in memory. I was at least hoping Vettel would have attacked Nico in the last ten laps. But no, stayed 2 seconds back and decides to go for the fastest lap at the end to stroke his ego. Big woop.


  • Re-run of last year really.

    Recipe For Monaco Race Win:

    1. Set pole
    2. Do least number of pitstops possible by going as slow as you need to for tyre life
    3. Prepare acceptance speecg

    Loved Webber's wry comment; "Looked after the tyres and waited for the Chequered flag.

    Well, it is Monaco after all. What can you expect?

    Congrats to Nico for nailing the Delta is the highest compliment you can pay.

    When you race small sailing boats, you have to take in so much information about wind, tide, course, position of other competitors, and constantly re-plan as the situation changes. You do all of this from sensory input (eyes, ears, hair, seat of your arse, everything). High tech high-end racing yachtsd are a little different. There is a guy beside the helm called the tactition. He checks out where the compettion is and feeds info to the navigator. The navigator uses information from a zillion sensors on the boat, and feeds it all into a predictive software gizmo, and out comes.............. A speed vector. The helmsman just steers the boat to maintain that speed, and magic takes care of the rest. Vector/Delta, who gives a fuck?

    Yep, if it wasnt for the accidents, it would have been a complete borefest. These days, as advancing age puts a higher premium on sleep, I feel somewhat cheated to stay up till 12:20 to see..................nothing much.

    Speaking of the accidents:

    Massa, apparently a car failure, but an unspecified one with the front left. Something not bolted back correctly after the P3 problem???? So much for getting your confidence back.

    Maldo-crash - That guy just makes me laugh. How could he imagine that the Marussia would just stay left? Maybe it was the other guy's fault, but his brainless driving into other cars is just too stupid.

    Perez - Fans: "Checo, you need to more aggressive!" Perez: "You mean like this?" Button's comments just funny, though more than a little bit of whining too. There is something wrong with little Jense, and we are yet to find out what it really is.

    ...and that Brings us to Romain. You cant see enough on the video to be definitive, but there was certainly a lot of room for Grosjean to pass to the left of him iof Grosjean wanted. Instead he took the Mark Webber Sky Route - Fail

    Anyone notice that three of the Monaco crash allstars are from Latin backgroungs, whilst the fourth has a latin name???

    Yes, this is intentionally racist. Hey, I'm an Anglo Saxon, it's in the blood.
  • A quote from Kimi. Love it...

    Raikkonen was also asked whether his fellow drivers should talk to Perez.

    “That won’t help. Maybe someone should punch him in the face.”
  • Gawd bless 'im.

    Massa's identi-crashes at St Devote were weird. He's never enjoyed Monaco and this won't have helped.

    Grosjean has finally confirmed what we all suspected: he is out of his depth.
  • Nico did a decent enough job and there were some very strange accidents, I think Maldonado wasn't at fault this time but Grosjean was just nuts!
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