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AS Im Heading out to Bathurst for the long weekend - here are my "Pic"s
(pun - get it . . . Charles . . . Caterham! . . . :)

Pole: Hamilton

P1: Alonso
P2: Hamilton
P3: Rosberg
P4: Vettel

First Out: Webber

Best Ex: Alonso


  • I'll place my picks, ignoring the above horrible pun, here as well.

    Pole: Hamilton

    P1: Hamilton
    P2: Alonso
    P3: Raikkonen
    P4: Vettel

    First Out: Grosjean

    Best Ex: Alonso
  • I was really hoping Vettel would put it in the wall in the very last corner. That would have made the race. There was lots of good racing, and if he wouldn't have been in the lead the entire race everyone would have considered this an awesome race. I especially liked the Alonso vs. Hamilton fight, and quite enjoyed Massa's race.

    Force India seems to start to really understand the game too.

    I don't understand why van der Garde was so useless this weekend. I thought his Monaco performance was pretty good. Ah well... rookies I guess.
  • RBR's moaning about tyres seems to have ceased ...
  • Originally posted by viges
    RBR's moaning about tyres seems to have ceased ...
    Very true, how strange no ones mentioned that??

    Entertaining race though, Alonso excellent, Massa quick but a shame Bottas went backwards. Not sure what Williams are going to do.
  • Poor Mark, but stayed behind Nico too long.

    The Pirelli/Mercedes hearing will be interesting. How to piss off a major force in engine supply and the tyre supplier in one go. Lets see who has the balls.
  • Paddock conspiracy theorists say Todt is batting for Michelin. But he would bat for Ross too, wouldn't he?...

    btw I don't believe Michelin would agree to short-life tyres.
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