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So Mercedes and Pirelli are very naughty but receive no punishment?

So what was the point of the tribunal circus?

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  • To placate the teams although I should think the top brass at Pirelli now want to walk away from the circus. Horner must be annoyed the other teams left it to him to front up.

    Merc/Pirelli can't have it both ways: the test was either due to safety concerns with the 2013 compounds or they were testing tyres for next year. Either way, they shouldn't have used a current car and why were the drivers wearing white helmets?
  • i think of all the things that annoy me about current day F1 the test ban is the most annoying
  • The usual bull$hit, Merc and Pirelli were naughty but F1 cannot afford a tyre scandal now otherwise Pirelli would walk away (and Mercedes may walk away too) so they just covered it......using a 2013 car was a blatant breach of the rules from any perspective you look at it, as Simon correctly pointed out.....
  • I thought they were grey helmets?
    I also don't understand while everyone else was packing up that no-one noticed Mercedes were holding station. Most of the mechanics chat between each other?
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