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He's walking away with it ... again. Hard to get terribly worked up about it but I wish Merc would sort out their race pace.

Gotta say that Lewis's decision to move this time last year was prescient. Remember how many people thought he was mad?!


  • That race was over after the third corner
  • I started praying for rain very early. It didn't seem likely that anything other than rain was going to stop a runaway win for boxhead.
  • Lewis, prescient????

    I'll tell ya what he did that was prescient; taking that stupid dog everywhere. It's the same theory as the so-so looking girl going out with the fa....horizontally-challenged girl so that she looks good, only in this case so that Lewis doesn't seem so dumb whenever he opens his mouth. The only problem is that sometimes the dog seems smarter than Lewis.

    The race was shite.
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