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Never really been a big fan of this track. That is not the right thing to say, I know, but there it is.

Was there anything in this race? Dunno, it was all pretty straight forward it seemed.

Good work by Hulk (not to mention somewhat excellent timing) to get his thing so high on the grid. Must have made Guitmo furious. He did prettty welll in the race as well, finishing less than a dozen seconds from the lead.

A few good overtakes with Kimi, Clewlis, and Fred all showing some enterprise in getting past.

Absolutely fascinating watching poor Checo and Button stuck behind Ricciardo until their tyres went off and they fell back. Any other track and they would have been away and gone, with Ricciardo finishing in 12th, rather than the 7th that his top speed enabled him to keep.

Also a nice switch to have Di Resta plough into the back of Grosjean. Even then there were those that said it was the Frenchie's fault.

All in all, a bit of bore by modern standards, and the silly season action seems to be more interesting than the racing just now.

What's next; Singapore. yay.


  • I love the track, it's the only one i can do a reasonably fast time on on the simulator
  • also the atmosphere in the park where the track is located is amazing, unlike anything else i've ever experienced. you can really breathe the atmosphere. but i agree that most races there are short and predictable...
  • Bernie is negotiationg with the organizers. He said he wishes Monza to stay, but there is a serious possibilities it to be cancelled, and that anyway he cannot offer conditions different from those offered to others (clear reference to Hockenheim and Nuerburgring).
    Lombardy region just obtained by the Government the de-fiscalization of the monies necessary to acquire Monza park, so there is optimism.
    I really hope Monza to stay, not only as an Italian, but also because, together with montecarlo, Silverstone (although different from the old days), Spa and Suzuka Monza is the anchor of F1 to its past and one of the real temples where you can see the drivers who have balls, and it would be a real loss not to see F1 there anymore.
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