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Kimi + Fred

'Never put two bulls in the same field': Enzo Ferrari.

Let's the games begin ...


  • Hmmm not sure it will be quite as explosive as some people seem to think, Fred obviously has the team with him at the moment but if Kimi does bring his own engineer with him as is being suggested then he will just be able to put his head down and get on with doing his own thing his way.

    If that suddenly turns out to be more successful than the current TOIT way (Freds way) then I think he's smart enough to learn from it and adapt. Don 't think Fred will end up in the same situation as at McLaren.
  • I deem it more dangerous for Ferdy than for Kimi. Ferdy is used to have no problems at all from his teammates (Trulli, Fisico, Piquet Jr., Montagny, massa....), the only time he found Hamilton (although, it has to be said, in a particular management moment for McLaren) we saw how it ended. Should Kimi start well it may be a problem for him.
    For sure TOIT will now finally be able to compete for the Constructors' championship.

    But do you know who is the one who, IMO, will most benefit from this waltz? Exactly, him!! Felipe!! He's much less bad than he looks, but it is difficult to race for a team all for Alonso and where clearly nobody believes in you anymore. He will do well at Lotus, and the internal competition with Nico will stimulate both of them a lot. See what happens next year!
  • I can't see that work at all, agree with old man Enzo
  • Possibly so RJ but I think it's more likely to be a divided garage, depends how the two halfs work together and share information, or not.....
  • Fred is not a tolerant man. He will have issues for sure, and there is a precedent that indicates this strongly.

    Don't think Kimi will care less about how Alonso is going at all, but there will absolutely be problems bewtween him and TOIT. Again, a direct precedent, AND his persona at each team has bee all about 'Fuck-Off, I drive. That's it.

    Tears, it will all end in tears.
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