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9/11 Conspiracy Theory


  • maybe MCSF can comment?
  • All right - you guys figuerd it out. But please keep it quiet as we have a world to dominate.
  • ;)it seems to be gettin' pretty hot in here!
  • Yep, I'm going to step outside for a while!

    Damned Pentagon wiped our site!
  • I did not evn bother to read it - what is soooo hot?
  • Let us just say that a lot of unanswered questions remain after 3 years.

    The explanations offered by the various authorities including the 911 Report are pathetic if not appalling.

    That so many Americans do not care to get credible explanations for an event such as 911, and that the mainstream media can be muzzled is curious to say the least.

    I read through the 911 Summary (over 500 pages) and could hardly believe the glaring omissions of fact and unconfirmed evidence. Then I was reminded that Bush had instructed the Commission not to conduct an investigation ( not to question the facts) but to present recommendations to the Executive for how to avoid a future attack.

    As an experienced major accident investigator, I would regard the report as a catalogue of embarassing anecdotal commentss, short on substance and of dubious value other than to satisfy some who may be too lazy to read or question its content.
  • There's in the clip which wasn't known before. We will never know the truth about 9/11 and I'm quite sure, we don't really want to know it....
  • extreme american rightwing aided and abetted by the arms and heavy industries, israelies, and a dumb administration which recognises that this is the only way to save the us dollars and revive american economy sacrificed 2,000 american civilians (the other 1,000 were immigrants & foreigners working in the twin-towers) gave us 9/11...no one else could have done it! obl wished he could have done that but fat hopes he could do anything even half that magnitude.

    leaving evidence of the koran and how-to-fly-a-plane in arabic in their cars at the airport to tell the world they did it!!! hahahahaha, that's first grade spy-vs.spy mentality, very george bushy eh? besides, george busht 43's grandad was convicted for being a nazi sympathiser, what do we expect!

    what are 2,000 lives when the protracted vietnam war which benefited no americans cost way more than that and the next 10 years in the middle east could take another 20,000 american lives if not 10 times that.

    these conspirators probably don't mind another right against the sane middle world war in the name of waorld war III of ideologies to take another 200 million lives away...if they have their way...if 61 million lives were lost in wwII, 200m is a conservative estimate for wwIII.

    the world must pray for the 50% sane americans to get us all out of this macabre situation we are in...

    good thread...opened our eyes...have read about the consequences of a failed dollar a couple of months ago, but these sites took away 20 hours of my weekend time..worth it all the way...i wish that all foreign heads of government and their agencies heads do likewise...will certainly give them another point of view other than those presented by the american foreign service lapdogs and the american administration controlled world media.

    thank God for the internet!
  • And you say this is not hot MCSF?
    It boils...
  • after reading some of the posts on this thread....all I can say is.........P T Barnum was right!!!!!


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  • We will never know the truth about 9/11 and I'm quite sure, we don't really want to know it....
    Speak for yourself.... knowledge is everything
  • the world must pray for the 50% sane americans to get us all out of this macabre situation we are in...

    ... I am sure we can count on MCSF!
  • terible thing this...rightwing nazism teaming with industries...much worse than the commies threat, cold war and hitler all put together due to much bigger fire power of weaponry these days...

    holocaust of blacks, muslims and chinks...you guys should read about the plans of how the chinese being the next target will be handled by these rightwing conspirators...mega scare man...china needs to be wiped out as otherwise they will be the next economy world power.
  • ... I am sure we can count on MCSF!
    Why? Did he vote for Nader?
  • The glue MUST be an extrordinary vintage this year!
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