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Just returned from the cinema having watched "Rush" and I really, really enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it yet go out there and do so. It reminds you what a great sport it was before the "arms on the table to show off sponsors" kind of press conferences and boring interchangable characters.


  • Am looking forward to it: even the British petrolhead press likes it and accepts it is a 'story' rather than a docco. Hunt & Lauda were mates, though, rather than arch rivals for the first half of the movie.

    The non-petrolhead reviews I have seen have also enjoyed it 'even though I know nothing about F1' so Ron Howard seems to have crossed the tightrope successfully.

    The Lauda hospital scene with the pumps sounds revolting but the action sequences, audio and actors are receiving great praise here.

    Simon Taylor of Motor Sport magazine is the commentator: just as he was in '76 for radio.
  • they really did their homework. while lauda is in hospital he's watching tv and the commentator is the original austrian presenter from that time, impressive research on their behalf. all the racing scenes have the shaky-onboard-camera look to them which really makes you feel the speed and I guess that they've actually cut in some original racing footage, such as Brambilla spinning off the track in Fuji, just ahead of hunt.

    another thing: you guys find it normal that a woman from texas can play bridget jones and a guy from hackney play a baltimore gangster in the wire, but bruehl's lauda is the first time i hear a german putting on a viennese accent convincingly (95% of the time anyway).
  • Gets released this weekedn, so will very likely go see it. The family are all in Belgium at the moment, so one can do things like that.

    Coincidentally(?) the Senna documentary was on the TV on the weekend. First time Ive seen it. Seemed a bit biased in sentiment, but loved the footage. The mind forgets all of that stuff that was going on then. For example, I remember his first win in the wet at monaco, but in my mememory, that happenned after he was well established, when in fact that wasn't the case.

    RJ, you remind me of that Tarrantino movie 'Innocent Basterds', when the SS guy picks the city accent of the 'Germans' at the table. Picky, picky.

    BTW, Hunt is played by a guy from Melbourne............just sayin.
  • Get her, with the 'yoof' lingo.
  • Got to keep up with my kids.

    I call it PEERenting.

  • Ah, Belgium... land of plenty. Weren't you going to come over for some fine Belgian ale at some point?
  • Missed the last two trips. Last time I went was 2007. Ended up wandering around London after being abandonned by some Pommie Hack, and this weird Austrian guy who runs a website about a F1 team that hasn't raced for 7 years.

    Fact is that with the girls now older, it makes 4 adult fares each time. Justifying that for a trip where all we do is sit in people's lounge rooms for 3 weeks, trying to keep up with conversations in French (which for me, requires way too much concentration)and then maybe 3 days in Paris as some sort of 'holiday'. Then you have to put dog in boarding kennels, cat in cattery, and find someone to come and feed the horses every day, easier and cheaper for me to stay home.

    At my time of life, three weeks alone is a gift.

    Tell you what though, why not look at seeing if there is any interest in a FM GP Trip? Maybe next year at a half-way venue like Abu Dhabi. With the rise of Emirates, that would be a single-leg flight for most of us, and reasonably affordable. As the race itself is shit, we can concentrate on having fun.

    Worth a topic?????
  • Lease, i'll be in Kazakhstan next year so I'm definitely up for the Abu Dhabi FM trip!!! That's an AMAZING idea!!!
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