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2014 FM GP Trip

Gauging interest in a GP meet-up in 2014 Abu Dhabi.

Probably be a night race, which is..........interesting.

Race is on 6th April.

I could forsee arriving Thursday or Friday, and leaving Tuesday myself. Wouldn't mind checking our Ferrari World.

If Roo or Henry, or Piston were interested, we could leave from same departure point as there are direct flights from either Sydney or Melbourne and have a good old fashioned 'ugly Australians pissed on a plane' ride.

Leave it to yous all to see if there is any interest.

Manlio is in, so long as his flight on KazakScare doesn't crash.


  • Its a great idea but I doubt I will be able to do it. A big family trip to Oz remains an 'aspiration', probably to coincide with a Royal visit.
  • oh wow... I'm heading to Brazil in January so probably a bit tight but I'll definitely do some number crunching
  • But Viges . . . you are Royalty to us!
  • Bless you.
  • Oh please.....

    Not sure Lease, could be going on a family holiday around that time. If there is interest maybe can juggle a few things.

  • Race is on 6th April.
    According to this calendar

    F1 calendar 2014

    the race is on Oct 26, which would be a very different affair for me in terms of feasability
  • Mea Culpa - Got the wrong A-rab joint.

    OK, so Abu Dhabi in October.

    Show of hands?

    At the moment we appear to have:

    RJ - if I read his response right
    Superoo (if the numbers are there)

    Most likely not
    Viges, who needs to find a new excuse. Royal visit, pah.

    Tell you what though, we could get something happening here. I'll organise a Republican protest in Canberra when they get here to some event, and you get to interview the masked leader of the rebels; after being blindfolded and taken to our secret hideout on Mount Ainslie of course. Somewhere near the lookout so its not too far, and the view is pretty.
  • Put me down for unlikely, but not impossible.

    It be cool to meet up, (especially since I missed the last meet at Imola 8 years a ago!), unfortunately, I'm just in the process of buying a bigger house so I'm not sure I can afford a trip abroad next year. I should have a better clue Jan / Feb.
  • Im currently living in Qatar, shortly moving to Saudi Arabia so am in for any of the Middle East GPs next year.

  • man, where will you get your beer in Saudi Arabia??
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