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Testing, testing

Red Bull seem to have lost some of their dominance if any of the pre season test results are to be believed and this is mainly due to engine trouble. Mercedes are looking much sharper and have actually managed to conduct a few full race tests.

Wouldn't it be exciting if we got to see a few engine blow outs again? Those F1 cars have become way too reliable!


  • Melbourne is always unpredictable. Would not surprise to see only 10 cars finish....6 would be better.
  • Including a Minardi in the 6, like in the good old days....
  • image

    here's an image from Minardi's facebook site which shows how much more mileage the Mercedes guys are getting onto their cars
  • RBR is 'under the pump', as I believe the colonials like to say.

    Have seen a fair bit of coverage from tests in Bahrain. Be prepared for whispering F1.
  • Red Bull didn't get in a single lap on Day 3

  • I will be at Albert Park, sans ear plugs.

    This time around the V8 Supercars just might take away some of the spotlight!

    I'm trying to remember what the turbos sounded like in the mid eighties around Adelaide. I'm sure they were loud, just a different loud.
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