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For those who didn't like the sound

Much has been said about the F1 sound... now consider this, the sound of a Formula E car. Sounds like a tie fighter from Star Wars

Formula E car passing


  • Looks as though Formula E is an expensive way to get new sound effects for the next Star Wars movies.

    Still sounds better than the Audi LeMans diesel, now that thing is quit, only really hear the turbo. The Audi really sounds bad in comparison to the Ferrari and Corvette GT offerings.
  • Once again showing age, but in the seventies before catalytic converters and CPUs and who gives a toss what else, we just fitted one of these:


    All hail the mighty Hot Dog! Turned any piece of shit into a farting monster!

    One of these babies, and a chrome extension and you could drive down the main street with head held high. Until you got the cops attention of course.

    On Edit - You're welcome Mr Toad. Just remember who it was that saved F1.

    [Edited on 26-3-14 by Lease]
  • did you have a mullet when you were driving "hot dog" modified Holden Torana down the highstreet, Lease?
  • Mmmmmm Hot Dogs................
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