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Calling Canberra

Email me Lease: the addresses I have for you seem out of date. Or you are ignoring me ...

(Royal tour imminent, Melbourne off itinerary, sadly)


  • Not sure which one you have, but probably out of date. Here, use the work one, they've go a good firewall and can deal with the spam. Plus it's on their website anyway:


    Get emails on the phone, so comes straight away. Not sure what you've done wrong to be sent to Canberra, but would be good to catch. Only been what;7 years?
  • Wow, you'll get to meet Channel 5's royal correspondent!
  • When one lives in the epicentre of world politics and diplomacy, one becomes used to such things. The real question is Where for dinner; Aubergine? Rubicon? Soju Girl? Waters Edge? got to be a tough choice.
  • All average. Ho hum. Skipping Melbourne, how rude.
  • Not so much 'skipping' as 'avoiding like the plague'; which ironically, it is.

    Does Qantas still fly there?
  • will you take old men selfies?
  • in the nude...
  • uuurrrgggghhh....one more thing to remember
  • Said meeting was indeed conducted last Wednesday at the Canberra Park Hyatt. We elected to eat in the Promenade Cafe, which was overpriced and underdone (cubed Wagyu beef roll more like a minute steak), but never-the-less a good, if brief, exchange of views took place.

    Not much else to say really. Channel 5's Royal Correspondent is still very Brittish, and FM's Canberra member still very Australian and annoyingly opinionated on any subject.

    If I was to make any sort of observation, it might be that I rather think Viges enjoys his job...........but don't quote me.
  • We look forward to the reply.
  • When he finishes sailing on Sydney Harbour. Tough life...
  • Back in Blighty after a month up in the air. Canberra was a treat and followed flight number 14, I think.

    Lease was on fine form although he is a lesser man, as RJ is about to prove. When was the last FM gathering? The Bilderberg group is more socialble than us lot. I reckon it was Sydney 2007 when I met Piston, Lease and then, in KL, the good Doctor for a Campari. Lease was then in London later that year.

    The Royal tour down under was mega and like a three week sleep deprivation holiday. Our live reports were at 0400 local but mercifully we only did three. Should you be interested there are stills here:


    I missed the Bahrain GP: much happen? (I have it taped ...)
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  • Yes, he's Canberra's Billy Joel.
  • he's got quite a living room too
  • Is that a euphemism?
  • I'm just happy they both have remained clothed.
  • Not a euphemism....an inuendo (Italian Suppository)
  • Originally posted by oznomad
    I'm just happy they both have remained clothed.
    I can email you the pics that i couldn't post but beware, it involves campari
  • Thanks for the offer RJ, but I'll pass if you don't mind.
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