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Here is a conspiracy theory for ya:

Both Canada and Oz have opted for old-style conservative governments presently, and both leaders were meeting on the day after the race. As there is no Canadian driver currently in the filed, who's up for blaming the RCAF jamming the MGUK signals to the Mercs??? anyone???

Fairly interesting to watch, if only for the Force India's doing their usual Canada thing. This year, the added benefit of having a really fast speed down the straights menat that they had a chance to keep everyone else behind them as the tyres turned to custard.

If it wasn't for the fact that Vettel and Massa (or was it bottas?) were right up young Daniel's arse, I wonder if he would have made the attempt that he did.

I think we now know how this season will play out to the end. No matter what anyone else does, the Mercs have too good a head start with their car. Canada did show a vulnerability that may also come up in Monza and Singapore, but they may fix that.

On some tracks it will be Red Bull, on some tracks it will be Williams as next best. Slim possibility that Ferari will get a podium somewhere, and maybe Macca or Force India, but make no mistake, this is a season of picking up crumbs.

Big congratulations to Daniel for getting his first win. Although it was as he said a bit surreal, what with flashing past a sick Merc and then finishing under safety car and all, but the point is that he put himslef in the position that he could exploit, and that is where the champs do their good work.
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