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Brazil 2014

And now who's going to win?
Very curious to see brazil-Colombia (how unlucky Chile), how far can Holland go (incredible yesterday what happened with my beloved Mexico), how decisive can Messi be and how solid Germany is (attention tonite with this heat against cunning Algeria....).

But the real mysterious object is, as usual, France!! Totally unforeseeable what they can do. let's see if they get to quarters against Germany (as should happen) what a game it will be.

Let's avoid any discussion on Italy and England. as for Spain, as usual after a great generation there is the tail when the coach does not manage to get rid of enough old players and the old generation abdicates in a traumatic way....as for Italy in 1986, Germany in 1994, France in 2002.

Italy has, for the second time in a row, arrived at the world cup in a disastrous psycological, strategical, human and (what most pisses me off as they play many less games than Englishmen, spaniards or germans) athletic condition. Italian football is at one of its lowest historical periods!!!!


  • What we saw yesterday night in Belo Horizonte during the Brazil-Germany semifinal is one of the most incredible moments I witnessed in almost 35 years following sports!!!!
  • at the same time I'm happy I didn't stay up for Holland-Argentina ;-)
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