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  • And another change of name of a team?
  • Apparently pigs do fly and hell has frozen over.
  • Mysterious Swiss/Arab investors? Colin Kolles in charge?

    Christian Albers????

    Does he have a background in management?

    Is Stoddart in there somewhere?

    I like questions
  • I will say good luck to Christian, but I do not see in his background any management just racing in DTM and F1. Caterham is already at the bottom so they surely can't slide any further under Albers, at least one would hope.

    I thought Collin Kolles was in charge of Forza Rossa in obtaining a grid slot for 2015/16. So is that dead?

    I agree Lease, where is Paul Stoddart?

    Not sure how long Fernandes has been working on this sale but it seems like a rather fast one, is this good or bad?
  • I read down Leases questions and came to the conclusion, what could possibly go wrong??
  • Is there anything in the rule book about being team principal of two teams at once? If so, that might explain why Kolles didn't get himself in that seat. He might still be busy with Forza Rossa.
  • surely Albers is too young to "run" a team. He should be driving
  • RJ, didn't they the same about Christian Horner? apart from the driving thing that is.
  • I think Albers still is scheduled to drive in the Le Mans series in that Lotus LMP1 (or was it LMP2?) car.
  • Looks to me like Kolles thinks he's Bernie. In-so-far as I have absolutely no respsect for this sport, and will do anything I like, including naming a bullshit team principal to get around the rules.

    Albers clearly has no shame.

    He and Mattiacci ought to start a little club together; 'The Marionettes of Motoring Club' has a ring to it.

    Wonder what other members of the MoMC we can think of?
  • Wouldn't it be awesome if Albers turned out to be quite good at this? I have my doubts but hopefully he will prove many people wrong.
  • totally awesome :)
  • Team Principal from July to September, that didn't last long. Though it looks like Albers was smart for jumping from the sinking ship that is Caterham F1.

    I will be surprised if they race next weekend in Austin or finish out the season. Fully expect Gene Haas and Haas F1 Team will be able to pick up some cheap pit equipment, etc. at an auction in the near future.

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  • According to Bernie Marussia will also miss Austin and Brazil but no confirmation from the team. Not a good time for F1.
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