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Well, well, Britney doesn't like it at big school.

Whoops, if he does it again.

(Come on Lewis: the big points at Abu Dhabi are all yours ...)

ps its clear from the Rosberg camp and the Deutsche media that Bahrain still annoys them. Jolly good.

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  • I'm wondering if maybe Hamilton could have prevented it. Alonso was much more careful fighting with Magnussen for example. And he did open the door slightly by going through Eau Rouge a bit wide.

    It's clear though. Rosberg should just have hit the brakes. A moment of stupidity.

    I would much rather have seen both of them not reach the finish line. This makes Rosberg look like a giant cheat even though he was unfortunate as well. Just not as unfortunate as Hamilton.

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  • And now the next instalment is: Was it an agreement with Wolff that Clewlis should have won in Monza with Nico second? So did Nico fake his 'long" at the variante to let Clewlis through? He was so calm and smiling on the podium.....

    My opinion? No!! In Spa simply he made a mistake (we see the contact 100 times in slow motion but when you are there it is a matter of inches and of tenths of a second, and he wouldn't have any interest in touching Lewis from behind, as in those cases most of the times it is the driver behind who loses his wing and his race. And in Monza he simply mistook as Lewis was putting enormous pressure on him.

    No conspiracy here. If cospiracy there ever was, it was maybe in Lewis having all those problems in practice in the past races and starting from the back of the grid. But the Spa-Monza issues were only mistakes by Nico. That, by the way, show Lewis is superior as a driver.
  • Agreed. Lewis is faster: simple as that. The speed he takes through the quick stuff is in a diff league ...

  • Was a pretty cool race. Britney boo-ed by Belgian Poms????

    The crash was just silly mistake by petulant Rosberg, nothing more. Look at Vettel & Ricciardo at the same corner. Both speared off trying Kamikaze moves op the straight. These days everyone tries everything on the first few corners for track position.

    Rosberg is just another Prost. Pretty quick but more about strategising his way into the championship. his relationship to Lewis is the same as Vettel/Webber if you ask me; in that he is the Webber.

    Go, go Ricciardo eh? Talk about coming on song. That boy is just impressing people all over the place. If he keeps going the way he is, the chequebooks will be open everywhere.

    Lot of good performances in that race I have to say.

    interesting that the 'new talent' is divided into the fast but furious:

    and the fast and fastidious:

    Bodes for an interesting future

    Monza had its moments of course. On the one hand it is dashed difficult to accept that Brittney did it on purpose, yet that enigmatic half smile from Toto Wolff was too much to overlook. I'm saying that there is smoke.

    Gotta love TOIT doing best impression of Idi Amin. Just keep executing management till the car goes faster. Seems fair enough.

    Magnussen doesn't play well with others and will be his undoing.

    Button nowhere.

    Massa pretending that he is the No. 1 driver. Sorry Phillipe, Frank has your number. Enjoy 2015 while you can.

    To top off everything VJ's haircut? Doesn't get a mention by any commentators? Oh come on!
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